Social media - an effective way to promote the company

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One of the key elements that determines the presence of a brand on the market is appropriate promotion. Strong competition and following the changing trends mean that business owners must constantly look for new ways to reach customers. Brand-customer communication would not be possible without the use of appropriate channels in the business strategy. The growing popularity of social media has contributed to the use of social media not only to build relationships with consumers, but also to conduct effective advertising of the company.

Advantages and disadvantages of promotion in social media channels

Commenting, recommendations, forwarding the material posted are undoubtedly the advantages of social media. For the company, this means a great advantage, which is associated with building relationships and maintaining genuine relationships with its current and future customers. In this way, the brand can get to know the preferences, opinions and even habits of consumers better, which can then be a valuable source, thus constituting a solid basis for introducing this information into a business strategy. This means that the suggestions expressed in social media may have an impact on the shaping of the offer. In addition, building a lasting and valuable relationship pays off in obtaining a vote of confidence and loyalty in the future among brand recipients.


90% of Internet users use social networking sites. Such information was provided by IRCenter in its 2016 report. The study also shows that Facebook is the leader in the social media market, but user activity is most noticeable on YouTube and Twitter, and it is on these websites that it grows the fastest compared to other portals.

Among the numerous advantages that speak in favor of setting up company accounts in social media, there are also a number of threats that entrepreneurs should take into account. As it turns out, it is the opinion of the website users that can cause the greatest losses for the company, which can often be very critical. When conducting campaigns or the profile itself in social networks, it is important that the actions taken are fully thought out and adapted to the appropriate target group. For example, a company that offers sports accessories for boxing should not use too infantile communication, such as a company offering school supplies, where colloquial language is recommended, because the recipients of messages are not only parents, but also children.

More information on different types of recipients in social media can be found in the article: Recipients in social media - what types of people follow our fanpage?

Social media posts - when to publish?

In the case of communication via social platforms, an important factor that plays a significant role right behind the form of content is the appropriate time of publication. Numerous studies conducted by Facebook or other portals clearly show that they are most popular at certain times of the day. The analyzes show that the best time to publish posts is 3:00 p.m. from

Which social networking site will be right for your business?

In order to choose the best social media platform that will be suitable for communicating with customers, first of all, detailed analyzes should be carried out. After all, no one imposes an obligation to be everywhere, and the key conditions for presence in social media are not quantity, but quality. Therefore, it is good if the channel selection will suit the client's profile. When choosing the right medium, it should be remembered that each of them has its own individual criteria that require learning and simply adjusting to the governing rules. Currently, Facebook is the leader among the most popular social networking sites in Poland. Behind him, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter also play an important role.

Company profile in social media - does it make sense?

The answer to this question is ambiguous and it would be a lie to only say "yes" or "no". It cannot be denied that social media is a strong tool in promoting the brand and at the same time it is an effective link between the company and the client. However, the risk related to running a company fan page is also proportionately strong. Inadequate account management may turn out to be detrimental to the company and affect its continued presence on the market. There is no doubt that communication in this form should be well thought out and intriguing. As it turns out, this is the only way you can maintain and build a valuable relationship with your target group.