Social media in business - what should you know about them?

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Using social media is a necessity in modern marketing. Social media for companies is an extremely cheap advertising channel, but to take full advantage of its benefits, you need to learn the basic principles. Here are descriptions of the eight most valuable websites of this type, along with links to guides, which will help you learn how to get the most out of them.

Social media - Facebook

According to the last report from Facebook in November 2013. 11.64 million Polish women and men used it. This means that the portal maintains a stable leadership position in national social media, far ahead of (8.5 million users according to PBI / Gemius) and Google Plus (3.5 million accounts).

Social media -

A portal that has already passed its heyday, and yet it is worth including it in the company's social media strategy. A profile on is one of the best ways to reach a group of people older than average Facebook and Twitter users.

Social media - Twitter

Twitter, with over 2.5 million readers in Poland, is a tool for specific industries. Politicians, celebrities and media representatives chirp on it most often. It is useful when you need to quickly inform about something, e.g. to report some events.

Social media - Google Plus

The child of the Internet giant in our country is not very popular. Of the 3.5 million accounts in existence today, few are active. Google plus must be used for specific purposes, such as gathering an audience on a YouTube channel.

Social media -

According to the TUBE.AD agency, the popular jute is used by 13.4 million Polish internet users, or of their total number. It is mostly visited by young users from small, large and medium-sized cities. It is to them that the message should be addressed through the largest portal of this type in our country.

Social media - Instagram

A service popular in the world and in Poland that allows you to edit and publish photos from your mobile phone. Recently, it has been taken over by Facebook, which has increased its integration with this portal. Instagram should be treated as an additional communication channel that increases the reach and attractive marketing activities.

Social media - Goldenline

A native social network focused on business and professional contacts. A must for every company and for every person of interest. The Megapanel PBI / Gemius survey shows that already 2 million Poles have an account on Goldenline.

Social media - LinkedIn

The American prototype of Goldenline, which has been in existence for a decade, enjoys much less popularity than it - 813,000 countrymen have accounts here. It basically plays the same role - it helps to create business relations.