Social media in business - YouTube (part 4)

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YouTube in the enterprise

YouTube is the second largest social networking site in Poland. The TUBE.AD agency set its range at 13.4 million users. This means that it is visited by ⅔ of all Polish internet users. YouTube is most popular in the 25-44 age group. According to TUBE.AD, there are 11 million Poles at this age, of which 6 million are website users. Moreover, cities are strongly represented - 66% of all visitors live there.

YouTube differs from other social media channels in that it takes much more money to run it. You need a team of good filmmakers who will shoot advertising materials. In addition, you also need to find a specialist in the processing of shots. If your company already has a film advertising team, it must get to know YouTube in detail in order to adjust its work technique. Remember that the channel on this portal cannot operate in isolation - promote the materials available on it using Facebook, and Google Plus. What else should you know about marketing on this medium? We invite you to read our tips.

  • Internet users get bored quickly. To get their attention for longer, you need to get them interested in the first seconds of the video
  • Mobilize your viewers. There should be appeals for participation - like, subscribe, comment, share on Facebook, watch a new video, etc.
  • Describe your clips well. Add thumbnails that will allow you to easily see what the material is about. To make it easier for Internet users to search, tag each video with appropriate tags.
  • Add annotations in your movies. They can be, for example, funny inserts or links to other clips. Internet users like them very much!
  • Create themed playlists that are a great convenience for users. Thanks to them, they can watch clips in one go, without manual switching.
  • If possible, broadcast live from time to time. For media companies, it is even a necessity, other companies may use this option, for example when reporting on a night sale.
  • Integrate your account with Google Plus. In this way, you can reach a wider audience, e.g. through Hangout. You can also put more information in your G + profile.
  • Use multiple social media platforms. In addition to integration with Google Plus, it is worth uploading and promoting videos on Facebook. The combination of three powerful communication channels can produce a synergistic effect.
  • Everyone loves backstage videos and "making of" with hilarious bloopers while shooting clips.
  • YouTube is a social networking site - so do the same as you do on Facebook. React, comment and ask. Build a good relationship with your viewers. It's a great idea to ask a question in the video that Internet users can answer in the comments.
  • Use what is currently hot. If it's Halloween - put something in the mood for this holiday. If the topic of the end of the world reigns in your searches - refer to it in the material. Stay up to date with the news.
  • Make your channel more attractive. Add an interesting description, relevant tags and a cool thumbnail. Match the graphic design of the channel to your company, using distinctive colors and symbolic motifs.
  • Create a channel view for people who haven't subscribed to it yet - add an attention-grabbing "trailer" there.
  • Use YouTube Analytics. With this tool you will find out who is watching your videos. This will make it much easier to optimize the channel for specific audiences.
  • If the channel is regularly visited by foreigners, add English subtitles to all videos.