Social, or how to take care of your employees?

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Have you recruited? Have you selected the best candidate and implemented him into the company's work? Have you spent time and money training the employee? How to keep it in your company? There are more and more foreign corporations operating on the Polish market, which transfer the cultures of their organizations to our market. Very often they offer employees an extensive social package. What can a social welfare contain and what is it for? You will learn from our guide.

Laptop, car, cell phone are the norm

Laptop, car, phone no longer surprise anyone. They are treated as essential tools for the performance of work, just like a desk or chair. If the job involves the use of a computer outside the office, the employer should provide the employee with the tools and not count on him working on his own equipment. After all, no one is required to have a car, computer or telephone. In addition, it would have a negative impact on the company's image, presenting it as unprepared for its requirements. And in the era of fighting for an employee, no company can afford such unprofessionalism. Moreover, more and more entrepreneurs notice that there are many non-financial forms of motivating employees and are introducing them in their companies.

It is worth emphasizing, however, that in order for the developed social security to be really attractive to the employee, first of all, it is necessary to take care of his basic salary. If the employee is poorly paid, a free gym or theater ticket will be an additional source of frustration for him. Instead of taking advantage of development opportunities, he will recalculate their value and regret that he did not get the money on the account.

When will social work motivate an employee?

It should be ensured that the salary is satisfactory for the employee, corresponding to his qualifications and duties. Then you have to consider the right to rest. If an employee finds himself in a situation in which he will be required to work overtime, he will not have time to take advantage of the benefits offered by the company. The same will happen in a situation where the employer will make unrealistic demands on the employee. Excessive duties and exhaustion will cause demotivation and a defensive reaction, i.e. reluctance to use the social package. You also have to remember about the right to individuality. Not all employees have to be enthusiastic about the solutions proposed by the employer.The use of the social package should be voluntary. If an employee does not want to use it, their decision should be respected. You can also ask about the reason for the reluctance - perhaps he will propose another, interesting benefit that can be added to the benefits. Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

Social package at work or outside of work?

If you decide to introduce a social package for employees in your company, make it competitive. It is also worth combining business with pleasure and choose the benefits that are useful for the development of the company. If your employees sit in front of computer monitors all day, it will be a bad idea to buy a game console or a TV. Think better about the sports package. According to a Eurobarometer survey, only 5% of Poles exercise regularly. Movement will be an investment in a healthy spine, increased concentration and self-satisfaction.

It is also a common idea to offer private medical care. The company shows that it cares about the health of its employees, and they can feel safer thanks to the quick access to specialists.

An issue to consider is how and where employees will benefit from the social package. It can take various forms, which gives the employer room to increase his / her competitiveness on the labor market. Social can be realized by subsidizing dinners, opening a dining room or a canteen. It can also be a pizza day, organizing employees' birthdays, packages for holidays, subsidizing holidays.

The employer can arrange a gym or a swimming pool in the company. Employees will use them before or after work, which also allows them to integrate. It often happens that motivated employees start organizing joint sports competitions from the bottom up - this has many benefits, such as the possibility of healthy competition.

If the employer is not able to organize a place for the implementation of the social package at the company's headquarters, employees will be able to implement it outside of work. Here it is worth taking care of the location of points providing services.

Social only for employees?

Many companies extend welfare not only to employees, but also to their relatives. They offer additional purchases - at attractive prices (or fully finance them) - the same profits for employees' families. Thanks to this, the whole family is covered by a health or sports package. In this way, the employer shows that he cares about the employee and values ​​his private life.

In addition, company kindergartens are also opened. The parent can check if his child is okay at any time. In addition, he does not waste time standing in a traffic jam in the morning to take the toddler to kindergarten - the time to get to work is shortened. A well-rested worker is more efficient! Even 'kindergartens' for workers' animals are being introduced abroad.

Human capital is the most valuable part of any enterprise. Employers began to notice this relationship. Currently, they are trying to find new ways to be more attractive and friendly to employees. Research is conducted to measure the level of employee satisfaction, on the basis of which rankings of the best employers are published. Employment costs give way to work quality, employers try to reduce staff turnover.