Personalized offer - get to know your client

Service Business

The Internet and the right applications give us many opportunities, we just need to learn to use them. Every salesperson knows that in order to gain a group of customers, he must first get to know them well. Communication between the seller and the consumer is extremely important for the proposed range of the e-shop to be tailored to his needs - in other words, for the customer to be presented with a personalized offer. Based only on our own experiences, we will not reach our recipients, because everyone has different preferences and interests. Running an online store is based not only on the sale itself, but also on establishing interactions with Internet users and observing their activities on the Internet. If we already have the necessary knowledge about the client, we need to know how to use it.

Observe, analyze

There are many tools on the sales market to personalize the sale of products. Undoubtedly, the best source of information is the client himself, so let's not be afraid to meet him. In this way, we will learn how to conduct sales more effectively and thus gain in the eyes of the recipients. The more communication channels we use in this process, the better. Apart from the huge potential of social media, we should pay attention to the website of the online store itself.

The Marketingmatic system is designed for e-stores that use platforms such as Shoper, IAI Shop and iStore. It aims to individually reach each client in order to collect information about his preferences and opinions about our offer. Thanks to this system, we can monitor internet users who have visited our website, as well as find out which consumers return to the e-shop. We also supplement the knowledge about what products they are interested in. The customer does not realize how much he discloses during each visit to the online store. Each time it leaves a mark and thus gives the opportunity to create something as desirable as a personalized offer.

The AtomStore works in a similar way. In this program, you can also track e-shop customers, the history of their visits and interest in products. Based on this knowledge, he creates suggestions for other goods that could be of interest to him.

Example 1.

You run an online store with sports equipment. When visiting your store, the customer browses the cycling equipment. So it can be assumed that he will not be interested in boxing gloves or the latest model of skis. Therefore, it is not worth presenting him with offers from other sports fields than cycling. The AtomStore system allows you to customize the offer on the website to the customer and list such boxes as promotions or special offers. Therefore, it is worth using the potential of this application and offering the customer a new cycling suit or a high-tech stopwatch for measuring time and speed.

Personalized offer - use its potential

What can we learn about our client?

  • Where did he get information about your store from? Was it an advertising banner, newsletter, or maybe an internet search engine?

  • Keyword from search engine. A customer who came to the store using a search engine had to first enter a certain keyword that referred them to you. You can check it and thus verify at the very beginning what it may be interested in.

  • How often does he / she visit the shop, when, or maybe, for the first time. Such information will certainly be useful in order to verify how much his interest in the offer is.

  • What products are he watching and what he is looking for. Knowing about it is crucial. Thanks to it, we are able to adapt the offer to the interests and needs of the consumer and create a base that will only contain products that are interested in them.

  • Cart abandonment. You won't find out why the customer chose not to make a particular purchase. However, you can verify how often it does it and at what stage. This will allow you to prepare a further action plan that will allow you to answer the question: why the customer gives up the purchase.

  • Customer's place of residence. Contrary to appearances, this is important information. You will find out in which region of Poland your offer is the most popular.

If we have collected information about the client, we can start creating his individual, personalized offer for him. Then the knowledge should be put into practice. Which methods are the most effective?

  • Discount coupons - customers must get an incentive that will stimulate them to action. A special offer that allows you to buy products at lower prices is a great idea for undecided recipients, i.e. those who abandon their shopping carts. By getting a discount voucher from us, you will help them decide to buy the product.

  • Newsletter - direct communication with the client is extremely important. A newsletter with a product that the customer is interested in may make it more likely to make purchases in your store.

  • Mailing - send messages to the customer when a new product from the category he is interested in appears in your store. It will also be a good idea to provide him with information that the offer is ending.

  • News, promotions, offer of the day - it is worth having a tab that will contain such information. Customize the boxes on the home page to the customer's preferences. If he is interested in trekking shoes, let him receive information from us that a new model has just appeared in the store, or that today there is a 20% discount on them. Mail with a personalized offer - it will surprise him and make him feel positive about the brand.

A personalized offer and the power of a survey

Statistics and analyzes are extremely helpful in building an online store offer. However, let's not forget about direct contact with the client. It doesn't have to be just one-way communication - send him questions, the answers of which will help you get to know him better and create a personalized offer that will satisfy him. There are many ways to provide the customer with a survey: by e-mail, via a link on the e-shop website, via a newsletter or by randomly popping up a survey when the customer arrives on our website or leaves it.

It is important to formulate questions that are not only closed, but also open-ended, which allow the recipient to express their opinion. Thanks to this, we will find out what the customer would most likely buy, what products deserve special attention, and which should be changed or improved, whether the prices in your e-shop are adequate to the goods you offer and whether they are satisfied with their purchases. It is worth thinking about the survey that we will deliver to the customer a few days after making the purchase. Thanks to this, we will gain knowledge about the transaction. The collection of such information will certainly supplement the database of our store.

Research shows that after the implementation of marketing automation technology, the involvement of users for whom the offer was personalized increased by as much as 50% compared to customers who do not see such content on the website. Such an indicator shows that it is worth using a tool that will allow you to create a unique offer for each client. Show that you are a brand that stands out, meets its recipients and cares about meeting their needs. Do not limit yourself to advertising on the Internet and on a social networking site. Try to keep looking for newer channels that will reach a wider audience, but do not forget about your regular consumers as well. The more you do for the client, the more he will do for you - a personalized offer will certainly contribute to a warmer brand assessment!