Selling alcohol at night - you can or can't?


On March 9, 2018, a new law on upbringing in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism came into force. One of the changes is the possibility of the commune banning the sale of alcohol after 10 p.m. Check when it is possible to sell alcohol at night.

Restriction on the sale of alcohol

The new act stipulates that the commune council, when determining the number of points (shops) selling alcohol, should also include beer and alcohol up to 4.5% in the permit limit - previously, these alcoholic beverages were not taken into account when determining the number of permits.

Therefore, all alcoholic beverages should be included in the limit that sets the maximum number of authorizations for beverages containing:

  1. up to 4.5% alcohol and beer,

  2. over 4.5% to 18% of alcohol (except for beer),

  3. over 18% alcohol.

The principle was maintained that the limit is set separately for each auxiliary unit of a commune, i.e., for example, village councils, villages, housing estates, etc.

The act has also added a provision stating that serving and selling alcohol during a mass event can only be carried out by entities with a one-time permit. This provision also applies to catering companies.

Consuming alcohol in public places

Another change in the act is the prohibition of drinking alcohol in generally understood public places, except in designated areas (e.g. beer gardens). Previously, such a ban was in force, but it applied to specific places, e.g. in parks, playgrounds, on the streets.

The municipal council may designate public places where alcohol drinking is allowed, taking into account the statutory provisions. The decisions of the commune council may not be inconsistent with the law.

Selling alcohol after 10 p.m. - you can or can't?

The law gives municipalities the right to prohibit the sale of alcohol between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m. However, decisions depend on the municipal authorities - there is full freedom here, so one municipality may, for example, adopt a resolution prohibiting the sale of alcohol after 10.00 pm, another may adopt a resolution prohibiting the sale of alcohol after 2.00 am, and another may not use this right and not prohibit selling alcohol at night.

The above changes are aimed at counteracting alcoholism and limiting access to alcohol, especially for young people who often use it. Moreover, according to the drafters, the new regulations are to solve the problem of concentration of a large number of alcohol sales points in one place, which is particularly acute for large city centers and tourist resorts.