Company website - check how to set it up cheaply

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There is a reason it is said that what is not on the Internet simply cannot exist. There was even a saying: In Google non est, ergo non est. There is indeed a lot of truth in this today, especially when it comes to marketing and advertising. So if we are the owners of the company, we have to set up our own website so that everyone can find our offer. This is definitely one of the most important elements of the promotion. Of course, young companies often do not have adequate resources to take such a step, so they are looking for ways to get a cheap company website that will not generate high costs or will be completely free. What opportunities do entrepreneurs have? Where to set up your website? Is it worth investing in? A company website is a showcase worth having!

Company website - why is it so important?

A company website should be an inseparable part of every activity, because it is thanks to it that a potential client can find us the fastest. After all, when looking for a product or service, we initially enter it in the search engine and check the results. In addition, we gain a place where we can present a full offer or confirm our competences. A well-structured website will convince the audience to us.

A well-structured company website, which is what?

We mentioned a well-constructed site. What must it contain and what should be in order to attract Internet users? First of all, it is important that it is transparent and legible, and finding the necessary functions is not a problem. Recipients value intuitiveness and if they cannot find something on the website for a long time, they simply leave it.

Each function should work and do exactly what its name implies. Let us make sure that the contact tab contains our contact details, and not, for example, references. Sure, bugs can happen, but let's fix them as soon as we spot them.

A company website can only be a short showcase, but do not forget to include the most important information in it. The address and contact details alone are not enough for anyone to be interested in us. A full offer, even on a very minimalistic website, is essential.

Another equally important element of a good website is its aesthetic appearance. Ideally, it should be matched to the corporate identity of the company. Let's avoid glaring neon colors, let's use classics, let's use subdued fonts - all these advice may seem trivial, but you don't have to look long to find a company website straight from the 90s, definitely repulsive and completely unsuited to modern realities. In this case, the Internet user may doubt the professionalism of the company.

Let's not forget about the references! It is a confirmation of our skills. In addition, the good opinion of other companies or individuals draws potential customers. It will also be a good idea to place scans of your certificates on the website. The recipient must be sure that he has found someone professional and trustworthy.

Cheap company website - is it possible?

As we have already mentioned, small or short-term enterprises do not always have the resources to use the services of external companies. Therefore, initially it is worth looking for ways to reduce costs as much or even completely as possible. A cheap corporate website done well and transparently is possible!

It is necessary to buy your own domain. Its ending, suggesting which platform we operate on, does not look professional. Remember that it should be simple, not contain Polish characters, associated with the name of the company and not difficult to remember. It is worth checking the offers of various companies offering domain sale and comparing offers. Before we decide to buy, let's check the cost of extending the validity. Sometimes we initially get the domain for free, and the renewal is completely unprofitable. Anyway, the first year is usually not a high cost, it can be within the limit of PLN 10. It is a necessary expense.

In most cases, it is also necessary to buy hosting. The domain is only a name, we cannot put a page on it. Hosting is the place on the server where the content of our company website can be found.

Since we already have a domain and hosting, we need to consider where we will set up the site so that it is actually a cheap company site. There are many options to choose from, but the most frequently chosen ones are Blogger belonging to Google, or free CMSs, i.e. content management systems.

In the first case, we are dealing with a platform that is primarily adapted to running a blog, but we can also adapt it so that the website becomes a company website. This takes some time, which may be a downside, but it's worth adding that Blogger offers free hosting and free domain connection, which will definitely reduce costs significantly. is a similar platform, but in this case you have to pay for having your own domain.

On the other hand, free CMSs, such as Joomla or, will allow us to fully manage our website, its appearance, purpose, etc. It may be a bit more complicated, but the possibilities offered by this option definitely speak for themselves. for such a solution. In this case, the purchase of hosting is necessary.

Some companies start their online presence in a different way, namely by creating an account on popular social networks such as Facebook or Instagram. Of course, this limits many functions, besides, we can be removed for violations that we will not even be aware of, and we will pay extra for the visibility of posts, but at the beginning it is quite a good solution. We can gather a group of customers in this way, and over time move to our own website, already having some back-up facilities.

A cheap establishment of a company website is possible and definitely pays off in the initial phase of operation of any company. If we cannot afford more, we have to try to match cheaper or free options - this choice does not mean that something will be worse, just spend a little more time on it.