Job and career page - why is it worth having?

Service Business

People interested in working for your company will most likely direct their first steps to the job and career tab. Therefore, it is worth not only including it on the website, but also to make it functional and effective. The Work and career page is one of the pillars of good employer branding, i.e. building an entrepreneur's brand. We build the brand so thoroughly and we put a lot of work into it, primarily to attract the best employees. As such, the Jobs and Careers page should really be polished.

Why is the Jobs & Career page important?

Let's imagine that an employee wants to work in our company. He is a specialist, he is interested in what we do, he thinks that we are an interesting employer. The brand we have built inspires his trust and ensures that it is worth cooperating with us.

So he enters the site, curious if we are currently recruiting. If it turns out that the Jobs and Careers page does not exist, they may think that the company is not really open to new applicants and give up any further interest in recruiting for it.

The Work and career page is an important element for the company's image, so if we are building the employer's brand, we must also ensure that it appears on our website.

Job and career page - what should it look like?

It is assumed that the Job and career page should be clearly visible, and the potential candidate should not have any problems finding it. Let's try not to hide it among other tabs. We are impatient and if we cannot find something for a long time, we quickly give up.

Learn tips that are important to building and running a Career & Career website:

  • Let's determine what the target group we are interested in is. It is very important because we have to adapt the language of the message and its appearance to our recipient. An advertisement for 50+ employees will look completely different than an advertisement for students looking for an internship. If we are looking for employees from different target groups, it is worth considering subpages for each of them.
  • The website must be intuitive and functional. The person on it must have no problem navigating on it. Let's separate recruitment information from advertisements. Let us indicate its most important places. Let us not allow the user to work hard to obtain the necessary information.
  • The Jobs and Career page must be consistent with the corporate identity of the company. This is usually a tab on our website, and we should make sure that it fits the rest. The user needs to see that he is exactly where he wants to be.

Many companies publish articles on theoretical recruitment issues in the job and career tab. Let's be honest - such studies can be read elsewhere on the Internet, and the user cares more about information about the company than theory. There can be many solutions, and one of them may be introducing the candidate to the atmosphere of the workplace. What does it mean? On the Job and career page, we can publish news about the company's life, employees' opinions about the workplace, and a brief presentation of them. Thanks to this, the potential candidate will see who he could work with and what the working life looks like. This is a very important part of work - after all, we want to spend time in a place that does not frighten us and stress.

Remember that just creating a website should not make us rest on our laurels. Nowadays, we have many opportunities to reach a candidate and one of them is definitely the presence in social media. It is worth informing about new recruitment, reminding that there is a tab on the website where potential candidates will find all the necessary information. Thanks to this, the information will not disappear in the crowd of others and more people will reach it.

Many employers create a Jobs and career page and then don't update it at all. The page "hangs" long-outdated announcements, presents a band that looks completely different now, and the latest news is dated 2014. At this point, the user may feel that the company has ceased to exist. He also unnecessarily spends time preparing for recruitment, which is now closed.

Adapt the website to mobile devices. Many people use them when browsing the internet. If the website is not adapted, it will take a long time to load and reading it will be simply tiring. In the long run, it won't be convenient enough for someone to spend more time on it.

The Work and career page is an important element of employer branding, so if we want to build a brand, we certainly have to take it into account. A properly built brand allows us to find competent, valuable employees who are the pillar of the company and make it successful on the market. Therefore, any element that may change our perception by others should not be ignored.