The world of fashion - meet the 5 most important women

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Without these women, the industry would be incomplete. They have revolutionized the market, they create amazing designs, they know fashion like no one else, they have an extraordinary sense of taste and aesthetics. We present the world of fashion and subjective ranking his The 5 most important women!

Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel

It is hard to imagine the world of fashion without this woman. It revolutionized it and allowed women to feel elegant and comfortable at the same time. Gabrielle Chanel - Coco definitely shook the industry she is now iconic.

Gabrielle's childhood was not happy - her family was very poor, eventually Chanel ended up in an orphanage. Luxury was her big dream. She wanted to achieve something, get out of poverty, feel completely free. Thanks to persistence, determination, ingenuity and originality, she did exactly what she wanted. Today her name is one of the most important brands in the world.

Coco Chanel wanted to work, and although it was opposed by the first man she dated, he finally allowed her to take the suit that belonged to him and open the first Chanel boutique there. At that time, Gabrielle was involved in the production and sale of hats. They were revolutionary in their own way - she proposed simple shapes, she wanted to move away from wearing something resembling a garden on her head. Her idea caught on, and the suitcase on Malesherbes Boulevard turned out to be too small for this business.

Unfortunately, Chanel could not yet afford to rent a new place on her own. While the hats gained fame, they were not that profitable. Here another man in Coco's life came to the rescue. Arthur Capel, known as Boy, is considered the greatest love of her life. It was he who financed the famous boutique on rue Cambon.

Coco Chanel had an excellent sense of style, she wanted to be independent, she hated being limited by something. She appreciated comfort, elegance and minimalism. She started wearing artificial pearls that are inextricably associated with her to this day. Corsets, long gowns on a circle, unnecessary layers and ornate hats did not fit her style at all. Therefore, under her own name, she began selling clothes for women that she herself liked to wear. She transferred elements of men's and sports fashion to women's fashion, promoted simple, sailor cuts, valued minimalism and introduced the famous jersey costumes and dresses. First of all, she made black an elegant color that is not intended only for the time of mourning. No wonder that it was she who in 1926 showed something that almost every woman has in her wardrobe today - an absolute must-have, a little black dress. Originally little black dress it was knee-length, straight, unadorned, and long sleeves. Today, there are more cuts and lengths, which does not change the fact that this type of dress is an undeniable classic.

What else do we owe to Coco Chanel? Of course, women's pants. Gabrielle focused on comfort and started a trend without which no one can imagine today's fashion. She also cut her hair, which was unusual in her time, and many other women decided to take this step. She did things that nobody did back then, and which are difficult to do without today.

No wonder Chanel also wanted to create perfumes. Her primary concern was the smell - the bottle was quite simple and ignored. They have delighted and delight people all over the world, are among the best-selling in the world and are a symbol of luxury.

Miuccia Prada

Miuccia Prada inherited from her grandfather a place that today is a great fashion empire thanks to her. Although she is not a founder, together with her husband she contributed to the development of a place that is inextricably associated with luxury and elegance.

Miuccia did not associate her future with fashion and design. Admittedly, she began to express herself with the outfit early on, but it seemed to her that such work was not for her. She studied political science, was an active party member, even practiced pantomime, and theoretically, fashion was not supposed to occupy such a prominent place in her life. However, growing up in a place where this field of art is constantly present, it is impossible not to develop a perfect sense of style. Prada began to notice that someone else's poorly fitted outfit was disturbing her perception of her interlocutor positively. Therefore, Miuccia's inheritance of the fashion house had to be a spectacular success.

Miuccia Prada is known for her modesty, she is not interested in being on the candlestick. You can rarely meet at large galas. She has been wearing the same style for years, she hasn't painted herself, and has the same hairstyle. She can often be seen in long skirts, wide sweaters and wedge-heeled shoes. Despite the fact that her outfit is unchanged, Miuccia herself predicts what the real trend will be. That is why she is not interested in the momentary.

Prada creates an extremely luxurious brand, and its boutiques are arranged in such a way that they are, as it were, art. The collections are both functional and elegant. Prada also wanted to reach a wider audience, which is why it launched the Miu Miu line in the 1990s, sold at more affordable prices.

Anna Wintour and the world of fashion

Devil, robot, woman without feelings - these are just a few of the words you can hear about her. She created the image of an inaccessible person, without emotions, empathy, ruling decisively and without compromise. Anna Wintour is the true Queen of Vogue. He knows the fashion industry very well, he knows everything, he is a kind of oracle, so it's no wonder that he has been the editor-in-chief continuously since 1988. Fashion bible. She always has a front-row seat at the most important shows, she is alert, very professional, and knows how to run the world's best fashion magazine. In addition, he is also aware of how important the Internet is nowadays, and what function is played by social media, which is why he does not close Vogue only to printed editions.

Anna Wintour is known for her perfect page hairstyle and dark glasses. These are the hallmarks that have accompanied it almost forever. She started working in various magazines at the age of 16 and gained experience, thanks to which we know that she is made to rule. While the path to becoming editor-in-chief has been long, Anna handles this function perfectly.

Wintour never compromises, she is stubborn, very professional, but she can also be ruthless. It is difficult to say whether the mask of inaccessibility is real or just comfortable. The combination of great ambition, an original look, a sense of style and the will to exercise full control has made Queen Vogue an icon of pop culture today and is admired by fashionistas all over the world.

Anna Wintour is a living legend. For years, rumors about it have been repeated, many people are trying to find its sensitive points and, above all, to reach the ruthless, emotionless editor. Her attitude, certainly comfortable, knowledge and experience, mean that the world of fashion without Anna Wintour does not actually exist.

Anna Dello Russo

The fashion world describes Anna Dello Russo as a colorful bird. Almost nothing is known about her private life. He very consistently hides all information about himself. She is very active on social media, runs her own fashion blog and shows that it is worth stopping to worry about people's opinion and dress as you like, expressing yourself through your outfit. She mixes patterns, colors, but rarely a designer mix. Anna Dello Russo has an amazing sense of style and a perfect figure, which allows her to look really great in everything.

Anna lives in Italy and works as editor-in-chief and creative consultant for Vogue Japan. She loves fashion, knows everything about it and describes herself as a "passionate fashionista". Knowledge and style help her choose styles that will bring you to your knees. She is sometimes considered an eccentric because her clothes have very vivid colors, unusual cuts and patterns.However, it is enough to take a closer look at them to see that each of them is a great combination.

Although Anna Dello Russo protects her privacy, her activity in social media allows you to observe her interesting, delightful styles almost every day. It is more than just an outfit, vast knowledge and passion - it is showing others that different does not mean strange and bad, and originality is the greatest advantage.

The world of fashion and Vivienne Westwood

What would the fashion world lose if Vivienne Westwood hadn't started designing? There would be no originality, claw, punk styling and a bit of madness.

Once, one of her trademarks was a red hairstyle and although today Vivienne wears short gray hair, in the minds of many people she will always remain an eccentric, original redhead. For years, Westwood has been recognized as a shocker, not afraid to voice his thoughts, and actively involved in political issues and events.

Although she is known for creating punk stylizations, in fact she did not stand out for a long time, and for many years she was an ordinary, calm blonde. The second husband - founder and manager of Sex Pistols - awakened Vivienne's desire for more. Her wardrobe gained colors and liveliness, there were also elements such as punk checks, safety pins and wide sweaters. Together with her husband, she opened a boutique where they sold controversial, very bold clothes. Some people considered their style simply perverse.

What did Vivienne propagate? Shoes on sky-high wedges, mohair sweaters, characteristic tapered pants and corsets. Of course, the latter were worn by women, but they were underwear. Westwood decided to show them, display them and wear them not underneath their clothes, but over them.

Sometime after starting her own boutique, Vivienne took design very seriously. Her original dresses, great shows, ideas that are not so much shocking, but very interesting, unusual and thoughtful, made the designer someone extremely important in fashion.

Eccentric, bold designs, unusual combinations of materials, a style that will never be polite - these are the characteristic elements of the work of Vivenne Westwood. Without it, the fashion world would be completely different.