Injury online - how to file a claim to get compensation?


A collision is a situation in which there is material damage, while an accident is when someone is injured. Liquidation of damages resulting from road accidents is repairing damage to the car for the money from the perpetrator's insurance. Read what to do in and after a collision to get compensation and how to file a claim online.

What to do immediately after a traffic incident?

The first step is to find out if anyone has been hurt as a result of the road accident. If necessary, an ambulance and the police should be called. However, if only the vehicles were damaged, it is necessary to establish who is the culprit of the collision. Then you need to write a statement. A specimen of such a declaration is available on the website of the Polish Chamber of Insurance. Writing a statement is a good solution that will help you save time (you do not have to wait for the police to arrive) and can only be used if the perpetrator admits guilt and has current third party liability insurance. If this is not the case, the police should be called, which will write a report on the incident and give the perpetrator a fine and penalty points. Both the police report and the declaration are the basis for reporting the damage online, by phone or in writing.

What's in the statement?

If you do not have a ready document, write the statement yourself. Include in it:

  • Personal data of event participants - name, surname, place of residence, telephone number or other contact details, e.g. e-mail address.
  • Data recorded on the driving license of participants - category, number, expiry date, who issued them.
  • Place, date and time of the event.
  • What vehicles were involved in the incident - make, model, registration number and country of registration.
  • Who is the insurer - policy number, expiry date, name of the insurance company in which event participants have compulsory third party liability insurance.
  • Description of the extent of the damage in both vehicles.
  • Description of the circumstances and consequences of the event.
  • Data of witnesses of the event - name, surname, place of residence, telephone number and signature.
  • The signature of the perpetrator and the aggrieved under the statement.

Complete the document with photos that you can take with your phone. Make them as soon as possible so that the date and time of shooting are consistent with the one stated in the statement.

Injury online - 4 steps you need to follow to get compensation

  1. You write down a statement and take pictures of the damage or call the police.
  2. You contact your insurer and report the claim - the company's representative will let you know how you can submit the documents. Almost all insurance companies allow you to report a claim online, e.g. via a form on the website or via e-mail. It is enough to attach photos of the declaration and damage to the report.
  3. Your insurer will eliminate the claim - it offers compensation, direct repair of the car in the indicated workshop, etc. the options depend on the terms of the contract with the insurer.
  4. The insurer settles accounts with the insurance company of the perpetrator of the collision.

The damage should be reported immediately after the traffic incident. The sooner you do it, the shorter you will wait for claims settlement. Claim adjustment should take as long as it is stipulated in the insurance contract. It should not exceed 30 days. If the insurance company does not explain the circumstances of the event within 30 days, it has 14 days to pay the compensation

"From the date on which, with due diligence, it was possible to clarify these circumstances, but not later than within 90 days from the date of notification of the loss, unless determining the liability of the insurance company or the amount of compensation depends on pending criminal or civil proceedings".

It is also worth knowing that if the perpetrator has no third party liability insurance, but the aggrieved party has AC, the compensation will be paid from the aggrieved party's AC policy. It does not lose discounts, because the costs are covered by the Insurance Guarantee Fund. He has 30 days to do so from the date of receipt of the damage file.

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