Training in small businesses - where to get the money?

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Employee training is an indispensable element in the development of any company - both large and small. There is no need to convince anyone that a well-chosen training is an invaluable value for the entire company, its owner and individual employees participating in it. What blocks enterprises from the SME sector from developing their competences is the high cost of such training, which often exceeds the financial capabilities of a small company. Where and how to get funding for employee training?

Co-financing for training in small businesses - support from the employment office

In Poland, there is the National Training Fund which transfers specific amounts to 16 poviat labor offices every year. Labor offices are responsible for allocating these funds to support employers who invest in lifelong learning and their own education.

In view of the above, the employer may submit an application to the employment office for funds for training, courses or improving the qualifications of employees.

Any employer hiring employees on the basis of an employment contract may apply for KFS funds.

The employer may receive KFS funds for training for employees and for himself in the amount of:

  • 80% of training costs
  • 100% of training costs - in the case of micro-entrepreneurs (up to 10 employees).

The amount of the grant may not exceed 300% of the average remuneration in a given year per participant.

The funds granted may be allocated by the employer to:

  1. clarification of training needs that can be met thanks to KFS funds,
  2. courses and postgraduate studies as well as examinations attended by employees on the initiative of the employer or with his consent,
  3. medical and psychological examinations, if necessary,
  4. accident insurance in connection with participation in lifelong learning.

From 2018, interested employers may also apply for funds for:

  • support for training in deficit occupations identified in a given poviat or voivodeship,
  • support for lifelong learning in connection with the use of new technologies and work tools in companies,
  • support for training of employees who can prove that they have performed work in special conditions or of a special nature for at least 15 years, and who are not entitled to a bridging pension.

The employer must submit an application for funding from KFS for training to the poviat labor office (pup) competent for the employer's seat or place of business in accordance with the recruitment dates specified by the PUP. Therefore, you should carefully follow the websites of your offices.

The funds allocated to co-finance the training constitute de minimis aid.

Training in small companies with the support of funds

Co-financing for training can also be obtained from EU funds - for this purpose, it is good to carefully follow the schedule of applications calls on the website There you can find funding in many areas, including, for example, training, consulting services, coaching, postgraduate studies, mentoring, etc.