Win-win negotiation techniques to break the deadlock part 2

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Enlarging the cake and backstage discussion are other win-win techniques related to breaking the deadlock in negotiations. Thanks to these tactics, more than one negotiator has managed to jump over the blind spot in the talks. Reaching an agreement that is attractive to both sides of the meeting should be an end in itself. It is not worth sticking to a predetermined position. Position negotiations are definitely less effective than solutions developed in a cooperative manner. Learn about win-win techniques to help break the deadlock in order to pursue your interests effectively while satisfying your partner's needs.

Win-win negotiation techniques to enlarge the cake

Breaking the deadlock with the help of the cake enlargement technique is done by expanding the scope of the issues discussed. If you see your partner refusing to give way on an issue, step away from it for a while and focus on other aspects of the issue being negotiated. Maybe you will be able to convince your interlocutor to withdraw from his position and change his previous demands. Of course, nothing is for free, and you too will have to forgo some benefits.

Example 1.

- I know that for you a price reduction equals a 20% drop in revenues per year, but for us it can mean a significant reduction in costs. We will use the obtained savings to develop an innovative production technology that will also benefit you. Imagine that in six months' time we will be able to produce 50% more semi-finished products, and in the next year we plan to increase production by 120%. We will need more materials that we buy from you. In six months' time, you could raise the price to the current level and profit from our production growth.

In the example above, the negotiator is referring to the future to show the partner how much he can gain in a year if he now reduces the price of the materials he sells. Both sides would benefit from the cut, which would result in a very attractive contract.

What should you be careful about when using the cake augmentation technique?

The negotiating technique of win - win cake enlargement is based on trust. When we are uncertain whether a partner will fulfill its promises regarding future contracts, we will be less likely to make concessions. For this reason, this deadlock-breaking tactic is used by parties that have previously cooperated with each other and are satisfied with previously signed contracts.

When widening the scope of your case, think about what the other party might be up to. If you know that the partner intends to build its reputation based on the use of modern technologies and cooperation with innovative forms, indicate that you are also trying to look for new solutions. Emphasize that your relationship will not be a one-off and will be recognized in the business environment.

Win-win negotiation techniques backstage discussion

There is always a leader in the negotiating team. He rarely acts as an active negotiator - he is usually on the sidelines and controls the course of the whole situation, but it is up to him to make the most important decisions. If you are stuck in a deadlock situation, you can try to use the negotiating technique win - win behind the scenes discussion. Offer a website interview with the leader of the other team.

Example 2.

- I don't think we're going to get anywhere today. I propose that we conclude for today, and we will come back to this issue tomorrow. Do you agree? Mr. Kowalski, would you please stay for a while? I hear your management is pushing you very hard to complete the negotiations this week. We also care about time. Perhaps, then, you would like to tell me so informally what you would expect for this item to be approved in the negotiations? Maybe we will be able to find satisfactory benefits in other terms of this transaction?

Having a personal conversation with the leader of the opposing team can warm your relationship. Make your feelings clear. Don't press and act gently. The partner should not get the impression that you are trying to bribe or influence him. Explain why you chose to talk to him alone.

Also remember that there is always a risk that the leader in official negotiations will contradict what has been agreed behind the scenes. Perhaps your partner suddenly changed his mind after learning your intentions. Use this deadlock breaking technique when you are sure you can trust the other party and will not be used by them.