NLP techniques and the Milton model, or the language of persuasion

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Selling is an art that requires certain skills and the mastery of the appropriate techniques. In order to present the product well and thus encourage the customer to buy it, it is sometimes necessary to put in a lot of work and spend time planning an appropriate strategy. The appropriate language of persuasion, i.e. Milton's model and NLP techniques, can help.

Advertising is a tool that effectively supports sales and allows entrepreneurs to reach their potential customers. The Internet, press and television are full of various spots, banners and advertising slogans, which are to a greater or lesser extent responsible for the increased sales of products. How is it that the company is so successful in the industry or, on the contrary, all its activities do not have any positive effects? The secret largely lies in the techniques that are used in sales and the way you present your offer, including NLP techniques and the Milton model.

The secret is in the art of persuasion. Some have a greater gift for persuading others to their arguments and views, others less. Not everyone can speak in a way that can influence their audience in a specific way.

However, this art must be mastered by professional copywriters and marketers who want to do their work in such a way that their intended goals are effectively achieved. Milton's model and NLP techniques may not be a problem for them either. Persuasion is sometimes associated negatively, which has no justification if we take into account the definition of this concept. Often confused with manipulation, it means persuading others to be right in order to gain benefits without the will and knowledge of the recipient.

While the first few words fit perfectly with the definition of persuasion, the last statement is far-reaching reasoning. Yes, persuasion is a way of influencing another person and the willingness to convince oneself of one's views, but manipulative tricks that are not so positive are not used for this. The thin line between manipulation and persuasion often makes it impossible to convince others that there is more persuasion than manipulation in advertising, the more so because in both cases similar techniques and methods are used.

Let's check what NLP techniques are and how to use Milton's model in sales.

NLP techniques as sales allies

John Grinder and Richard Bandler found that the acceptance of the interlocutor's suggestions was largely dependent on the appropriate phrases and words in the sentences. Therefore, in order to persuade our recipient to perform a certain action or cause us to convince him of our reasons, appropriate phrases and linguistic treatments are needed in the message. This is where NLP techniques play their role.

A play on words has a magical power and can cause that thanks to simple but effective combinations of phrases, we can influence our recipient and, in the case of sale, persuade him to take advantage of our offer.

NLP techniques, which means neuro-linguistic programming from English, is a set of techniques that are designed to change the perception patterns and human thinking. So it's easy to see what NLP and selling have in common. From a psychological point of view, the use of a specific language effectively affects the nervous system of the recipient, referring to their emotions that lead to the purchase decision.

On the surface, this may seem like a very complicated mechanism where linguistic and psychological theories are present, but they are often used unknowingly by advertisers and marketers. The descriptions of the basic needs of consumers and their dreams and desires present in every advertising message are a procedure closely related to NLP techniques.

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NLP techniques are not everything - Milton's Model

Not only NPL techniques are important. The Milton model is also worth getting to know. A good marketer or copywriter does not necessarily know him in theory. In order to conduct effective sales campaigns, it is not entirely necessary, because although we do not always know it, we effectively implement the main assumptions of the method.

This is mainly due to the fact that word sales are governed by certain laws that are obvious nowadays, which cannot be ignored when formulating advertising messages. Specific linguistic structures such as metaphor, quotes or presuppositions have a huge impact on the reaction of our potential clients, and we often do not realize that it is related to the theory and actions used by the renowned hypnotist Milton Erickson. He created a model that is designed to help build such messages that reach the subconscious of our interlocutor and evoke appropriate reactions in him. This technique is used not only in sales, but also in everyday contacts, therapy, politics and schooling.

A few examples will surely help you better understand the scheme of how this method works.

  • Quotations

It is nothing but quoting someone else's words and we often use this procedure even in our everyday life. Certainly, each of us had a situation in which when talking to another person, the words of famous people came to mind.

Quotes are very powerful and have an effective impact on the recipient. The interlocutor is aware that the words we have spoken have already been addressed to someone else, but subconsciously understand that they refer to himself.

It is also a good way to deviate a bit from the formal relations that prevail between the interlocutors and instead of addressing in an official manner, you can call him "you" in this situation. Such a procedure is often used in advertising messages, quoting well-known words that are largely very popular. Sometimes they came out of the mouth of our authorities, which additionally strengthens the reaction of the recipients.

  • Presuppositions

These are some hidden assumptions that we are not talking about directly. "Do you know how important it is to eat vegetables and fruits daily?" - this statement assumes that it is important to supplement your diet with healthy vegetables and fruits every day.

The problem arises when we ask ourselves if we are really aware of it. Thus, presuppositions are a kind of suggestion that is to affect the subconscious of our recipient.

  • Resulting

These are certain constructions that cause one sentence to follow directly from the other, although they may appear to have nothing to do with each other."You have visited this website, which means that you are interested in our offer and you want to learn more" - surely each of us has seen similar messages on the Internet or heard on TV.