Facebook - avoid that on your profile

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Most of our lives have moved to the virtual world. As a means of communication, we particularly like social media, of which Facebook is the undisputed leader. We use it so often that we have virtually no control over the content or images we provide through it. However, it's worth remembering that what we do in virtual life is not necessarily what would be welcome in the real world, so all our online activities should translate into what we would allow ourselves to do offline.

Each new day brings a clear signal that verbal communication is slowly becoming less of the key in everyday life. Technological progress has meant that we communicate with each other mainly online. The Internet has given us tools in the form of social media, thanks to which we can communicate with each other non-verbally, and we use this possibility with varying results. The freedom we feel hiding behind the screen of our computers makes us indulge in things that in the real world would not even occur to us. So what to avoid on your Facebook? Below are the 3 most common mistakes made by users of this portal.

Forgetting about privacy and security

Facebook has many tools that, if properly used by someone else, can put us in danger. That is why it is so important to follow the security policy, not to share your profile with all users, and not to accept bulk invitations sent to us. It is also worth remembering that we ourselves often risk unpleasant incidents by publishing inconsistent content on our board. For example, by boasting about the amount of money, the location of the apartment, the fact that we are currently alone in an empty house or when we are leaving, we can be exposed to burglary or theft. Also, the "check in" option can also bring us trouble, because there may always be someone who will want to use the knowledge of where we are presently for a malicious purpose.

Emotional exhibitionism

In real life, does someone tell a large group of people that you are sad, that you are watching this or that movie, what we eat and with whom? And are they shown 20 photos of their children a day? Or maybe at work, loudly, someone screams that he hates her and challenges the boss? Not. So why is Facebook the place of such confessions? There is really no need to inform portal users about every aspect of your life. These messages are of no use to anyone, on the contrary - they can be bothersome. Yes, you can sometimes recommend a good movie or book, say that a child has been born, but some information is worth keeping for private messages sent to specific people.

Your Facebook speaks of you

The principle is as old as the world, but it also perfectly applies to Facebook reality. A profile on this website is a powerful branding tool which, if used inappropriately, can turn against us. What can harm us? Posting content or images that encourage violence or hatred, insulting and getting into arguments, as well as information about how much you have drunk and how much hangover you have. We forget that our Facebook friends often include our parents, superiors, teachers and academic lecturers, and by sharing such content, we create our own, not very flattering image. It is also worth remembering that it is especially important to care about the quality of your profile picture. Often, in the recruitment process, the facebook profiles of candidates are checked, and a photo from a stained party may not necessarily result in an appropriate first impression.

Facebook wall has a significant impact on our e-image, so it is worth taking such advice into account, at least to a limited extent.