Copywriter - how can it help your company?

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Copywriting and content marketing - what is it?

According to most of the existing sources, the copywriter is the author of the text part of the advertisement - both for press, TV and radio. The task of a copywriter (often called concepteur-redacteur from the French, i.e. originator-editor) is primarily to produce content, usually consisting in duplicating the same information several times, but in different words and contexts.

To create a professional-looking website that builds a coherent image of the company, it is worth using the services of experts in this field. A copywriter is a person who writes short and concise positioning texts. Generally speaking - someone with a light pen.

Copywriter - cooperation

Before meeting with a copywriting specialist, you should prepare yourself properly in order to clarify the details of the order. First of all, it is necessary to consider whether the text is expected to be informative, advertising, advisory or more substantive. The more detailed information is provided to the copywriter, the greater will be the satisfaction with the cooperation.

The next step is to find out the details of his work. The most important elements include:

  • number of ordered texts and their length,
  • definition of the recipient's profile,
  • the intensity of the occurrence of certain so-called keywords.

On the Polish market, copywriting is still not a popular service, so before choosing the right agency, you should get to know the details related to the cooperation. When choosing, the client should also consider the number and scope of corrections made to the text. Professionals can make copywriting an enjoyable experience.

You can come across the opinion that you have to be born for this profession. Undoubtedly, literary talent is an important element, but knowledge in the field of advertising and marketing or the psychology of customer behavior is also necessary. In addition, creativity, motivation and unconventional ideas are the most important. Without creativity, such a person is doomed to failure. To be a better copywriter, you can observe different environments - their jargon or customs prevailing there. In this way, you can meet the expectations of a given target group.

Copywriting - how much does it cost?

It is true that advertising agencies provide a general copywriting price list, but it all depends on the scope of these services. This is usually determined individually. An important factor in determining the price is also the recipient's profile - the more demanding, the more expensive the service becomes. The very form or purpose of the texts is also taken into account. It can be a dedicated mailing, press releases, thematic articles, informative texts or descriptions of products or categories in the online store. The prices on the market are very diverse - they range from PLN 30 for 1,800 characters with spaces, up to PLN 200 per page. In turn, for creating a newsletter, we can get about PLN 300.

How to become a copywriter?

The answer to this question is extremely simple: just start typing. And that's as much as possible. If we have already mastered the art of writing tests, our services can be offered to SEO companies directly or through portals with orders. It is worth remembering to build your own portfolio with texts that will be presented to future clients.

In many job advertisements for copywriters, there is a provision about the preferred journalistic or Polish language education. However, not every copywriter needs to have them, to create texts you don't really need such a profession. On the Internet, there are often different rules for writing and sometimes after biological or technical studies, if you have the ability to create texts, you may be indispensable, e.g. for thematic websites. Of course, it is also worth improving your skills as a copywriter by reading books on the art of writing or developing in the area of ​​SEO.

Where should a copywriter look for orders?

Once you create your portfolio and feel confident in creating texts, you can look for professional orders or offer your services. On the Internet, there are portals devoted specifically to establishing this type of cooperation, such as,, or Some are used to issue your business card, others to offer ready-made texts, and others to search for orders that match our content profile.

Most companies work in this way with copywriters. In the form of an order for texts. Few of them employ their own copywriters.