Tinder - what is it and is it suitable for creating marketing?

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What is Tinder?

Tinder is a mobile dating application that uses geolocation technology. Logging in takes place via Facebook, thanks to which information such as: name, age, gender, profile photos, education / job, interests and friends are exported to the profile in the application. After logging in, you can search for people from the environment, adjusting the parameters of gender, age and distance. Moving the photo to the left means rejecting the person, to the right - you want to start the conversation. In the event that the other person also shifts our photo to the right, the so-called "Match" (Eng. Pair), which allows you to start the conversation.

The uncomplicated principles of Tinder functioning turned out to be a wide field for marketers to show off.

Tinder in social actions

Usually, no one who browses Tinder expects something other than the next person in the queue, so the elements of surprise in the form of well-conducted social campaigns on it echo for a long time.

One example is the campaign by a New York non-profit organization to encourage the adoption of dogs from shelters. Each pet had its own profile in the app, and when it was paired with a human, the dog's profile sent a message inviting them to a date. This unusual use of Tinder drew attention to the social problem of abandoned animals in shelters.

Amnesty International Australia, on the other hand, undertook a social campaign on Tinder, which focused on women's rights. Profiles with graphics were created, the message of which showed the problem of forced marriages. After being redirected to the campaign's website, it was possible to learn more about the issue.

Tinder in Poland

An example from the Polish backyard may prove that Tinder can also be used as a tool in the HR industry.

The Warsaw advertising agency TBWA / Teqiuila used the Tinder application to recruit new employees. She created fictitious profiles - Tola Boska and Witek Ambaras, who, as employees of the creation department, tracked potential employees based on their shared interests. Then they interacted and encouraged people to send in their CV and portfolio.

The potential of this application can also be used in sports marketing.

This year's action of ŁKS players on Women's Day is a perfect example of the unconventional use of Tinder.

The team members expressed their wishes to the ladies who expressed their interest on the occasion of their holiday, inviting them to the next match of ŁKS. This unusual project met with a positive response, especially in the Internet environment.

Tinder - local potential

Thanks to the possibility of geolocation, you can easily and quickly reach people in the area. This is used by small local businesses that set up profiles to generate interest from potential customers. The industry in this case does not matter much. The most important thing is the idea and presenting it in a creative way to the users of the application.

Tinder in marketing - is it worth it?

Yes, if the campaign idea is consistent with the brand image and properly adapted to the specifics of this application. More and more companies are choosing to go beyond the standard Facebook and Twitter. In the current mass of information, new communication channels are gaining in value.

Activities on Tinder can largely be described as the marketing guirella (guerrilla marketing). The application does not have strictly defined rules for using it in terms of marketing potential, and users do not expect a fictitious account with an advertising intention instead of another person.

That is why it is sometimes worth looking at Tinder as an application not only for meeting new people.