Facebook video content - what engages users?

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Video is one of the most engaging forms of advertising. It has been tested that our brain remembers the greatest amount of information just when it looks at a picture combined with sound. This is perhaps one of the reasons for the growing popularity of video content on Facebook. However, what films do the audience like the most? How much time do they spend watching one material?

Topics of the most interesting video content on Facebook

Research conducted by BuzzSumo shows that it is the videos that reach the largest number of users - over 12% of the website audience. Therefore, video content is the easiest way to reach your customers.

Food, fashion and beauty, as well as animals remain the focus of Facebook video content. Here, however, food-related materials are definitely favorites. They arouse interaction at the level of 11,000 users. This is more than twice as much as the fashion and beauty industry. So it's no wonder that more and more video recipes appear on our boards.


How much time do users spend on videos on Facebook?

The length of the published materials is of key importance in terms of their viewership and user engagement. When it comes to Facebook, these short materials are more interesting for the audience. The optimal movie duration is 60 to 90 seconds. Interestingly, materials shorter than 30 seconds are viewed much less often than those longer.

Live stream

It is also possible to broadcast in real time on Facebook. The portal's video department announced that 20% of the videos shared on Facebook are live videos. In this case, the viewing time for such materials is longer. Users are more likely to choose broadcasts that are at least 15 minutes long. This is in stark contrast to the classic Facebook video content. It can be assumed that this is because live films require viewers a moment to figure out what they are about.

Facebook video content and viewer engagement

When it comes to viewers' reactions to shared materials, live coverage also wins here. It was calculated that classic films receive an average of about 900 reactions, with live shows over 1000. Usually, real-time broadcasts also have many more comments.

When it comes to the types of reactions themselves, traditional movies tend to get the positive ones, mostly the "Haha" emoji. On the other hand, viewers usually react to live content with a “Super” graphic.

How to create video content on Facebook?

It is already known that video content on Facebook is an effective idea for advertising and gaining the engagement of your audience. How to create the perfect material according to the above data? Here are some tips to follow:

  • the optimal duration of the videos is more than 30 seconds. So let's create materials, the time of which is about 1.5 minutes;

  • it is also important to include a text introduction to the movie. Should be approximately 61 characters long;

  • it's also important to have live coverage from time to time. They can last much longer than standard movies, because the 15-20 minute ones are the most engaging. Facebook itself also promotes live materials;

  • the most watched films are about tips, regulations and practical solutions. So it pays off to produce materials that provide viewers with functional knowledge;

  • funny and valuable content is more often shared by users than liked. And the materials that viewers want to share will gain a much greater reach.