Turquoise conference - Big Breakfast 2019


Big Breakfast 2019

On April 10, 2017, in Wrocław, 10 daredevils met at the # 1 Turquoise Breakfast in Poland. A lot has changed since then! On a one-man initiative, a team of active Local Carers has developed throughout Poland and our community has grown from 10 to over 2,300 members!

Turquoise Breakfasts is a space where you can share your experiences from implementing turquoise practices in your organizations - both those that brought the intended results and those that were less successful. We want both practitioners and those who are just taking their first steps towards turquoise at our meetings.

Thanks to this interest and the feedback we receive from you, we feel that we are doing something valuable to raise awareness about different management. Thank you for your energy and commitment.

Since November 2018, as part of a self-organizing team of volunteers from various parts of Poland, we are creating the Big Breakfast 2019 event. We have behind us moments of joy and sadness, ups and downs, in other words, truly turquoise experiences "on your own skin".

We are committed to this initiative because we believe in its value for the further building of space for the exchange of experiences, practices and thoughts on topics related to innovative management and creating satisfactory relationships in organizations.

Turquoise Breakfasts is a non-profit initiative.Our local Breakfasts (there have been over 90 of them!) Are open to everyone and free of charge. All the value that we have generated together so far has been possible thanks to the passion and voluntary work of many people, headed by your Local Caregivers.

Organizing a nationwide event is another dimension. We want every participant of the World War II 2019 to feel special, and for this we need specific funds. In the spirit of transparency, we share with you all planned and already incurred expenses. Access to this information can be found on our website www.duzesniadanie.pl. We also hope that we will be able to allocate some of the collected funds to the further development of local initiatives.

We create this event with a view to providing the greatest possible value for the entire Turquoise Community in Poland.

Today, we are sharing the Big Breakfast program with you, waiting for your feedback.

Through the event on Facebook, we will keep you informed about the changes. So, we invite you to join them!

More details about the event: www.duzesniadanie.pl

See you on November 9!