Twitter for Business - What Do You Need to Know?

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You've heard a lot about social media marketing and are considering which social networking sites will be the most effective in promoting your business? Undoubtedly, the most frequently mentioned are Facebook and LinkedIn, sometimes also Instagram. However, we will advise you on how to effectively use Twitter for business. If you want to promote yourself effectively in social media, you cannot forget about this fserwis, whose number of users is over 330 million!

Twitter for companies - the most important information

Quite often one can meet the statement that Twitter, due to its specificity, is primarily intended for journalists, bloggers and politicians and is not an appropriate tool for companies. Skeptics say that the form of entries, limited to 140 characters, despite the possibility of adding a photo, animation, or poll, is simply not sufficiently suited to social media marketing. This common opinion, however, does not have much to do with reality, although - unfortunately - many brands are convinced that Twitter is not a very successful move for companies.

First of all, it is worth noting that the number of Twitter users is growing quite quickly, especially in Poland, where the service has become popular relatively recently. Currently, the number of Polish TT users is estimated at over 4 million, of which almost 80% are people over 25 years of age. According to data provided by Sotrender, the tweets of the brands present on Twitter generated more activity than the tweets of the media, so the statement that TT is a journalists' service seems to be exaggerated. When it comes to the opinion that the form of Twitter posts is not adapted to marketing activities, this is a simplification. Twitter is quite a demanding website and to gain popularity you need really good content, high communication skills in social media and knowledge of the specifics of this portal.

Twitter for business - where to start?

Simply put - you should start with creating an account, if you do not already have one. You start on the Twitter homepage - in the upper right corner you click on the button "Have an account? Log in". A "Register" option will appear in the drop-down menu. After selecting it, a form will appear that must be completed with your name and surname (or company name), contact telephone number or e-mail address and password needed to log in. After completing the form, you click the "Register" button. After that, a short form will appear in which you must enter your account name. You click "Next" and go to the multi-stage input, in which Twitter will ask you, among others for interests, adding a profile photo or finding friends from other social media on the website. You can skip all of the above steps and complete them later. You've just become one of over 330 million Twitter users!

Twitter for companies - account management

Your Twitter business is just starting to take its first steps. Therefore, it would be good if you consciously and carefully kept her profile on this social networking site from the very beginning. We will present you some good tips that will undoubtedly prove useful and allow you to reap the benefits it givesTwitter for business.  

  1. First of all - learn about the specifics of Twitter. The best solution, before creating a business account, is to set up a private account, thanks to which you will be able to find out how Twitter differs from other social networking sites and how other brands operate on it. If you don't have much time for this, entrust your account management to someone with some experience in this field. Also, remember not to translate into TT strictly your experiences with other social media, in particular with Facebook. Twitter has slightly different rules and many of the actions known from FB may turn out to be ineffective on TT. At the beginning, it is good to follow the activities of brands that have been present on Twitter for some time - observe the frequency of posting, their form, subject, etc.

  2. Second - take care of the group of followers. Follow accounts of people and brands relevant to your industry or operating in similar industries related to yours. Make your Twitter business visible to customers. Always try to follow people who start following your company profile.

  3. Third - determine the frequency of new tweets. You can use the observations made here, which we recommended to you in the first point. However, remember that the lifespan of a tweet is much shorter than that of a Facebook post, for example. Also, be aware of the most frequent users you are messaging on Twitter with. Usually, the most intense activity on Twitter is observed from the morning to the late afternoon hours, but a lot depends on the behavior related to a specific industry. Try not to repeat tweets on similar topics, and if you do, leave at least a few hours between them.

  4. Fourth - treat Twitter primarily as a place to discuss and exchange opinions, not as a bulletin board. Create posts that encourage your audience to interact, and actively engage in discussions yourself. Include explicit call-to-action for retweeting in your posts, try to viral your posts.Twitter for business has a very useful function of obtaining customer opinions and comments, it can bring significant profits - a profile on TT is an effective tool in creating valuable feedback. You just need to constantly generate interaction between users and your business.

  5. Fifth - create interesting tweets. First of all, do not forget about the principle of the inverted pyramid. Although it seems difficult to talk about it with 140 tweets, it does apply - start your posts with the most interesting information, and don't leave it for the end. Tweets are great for sending traffic to other websites - for example, to your corporate website, blog or fanpage. Use links in your tweets - Posts with links are much eagerly retweeted by users. Use a link shortener such as to add them. The content that is most attractive to recipients on Twitter is primarily news, contests, promotions, instructional content, but also various warnings. Think about how to use this content to promote your brand.

  6. Sixth - use hashtags. Hashtags placed in tweets are something like keywords - when searching by hashtags, users find posts in which they were used. Therefore, the use of popular hashtags, at the same time relating to the topic of the tweet, allows you to easily find your posts on the site. However, remember not to overdo the number of hashtags in your entries - limit yourself to only two or three, especially since you are limited by the number of characters. Do you think it's not easy to include really good content in 140 characters? Therefore, put it in 120 characters - this length is considered easier to read.

  7. Seventh - take care of the graphic side. Make sure that the graphics you add to tweets are of high quality. Also pay attention to the graphics that you include in the header and as your profile picture. They should harmonize with each other in terms of composition. If you run a sole proprietorship, use your photo as an avatar - recipients will gain more trust in your brand, and the contact between you and them will become more personal.

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Twitter for companies - profits

We have introduced you to the most important aspects that you need to pay attention to when maintaining a company's Twitter account. What do you gain thanks to the company profile on TT? First of all, like most social media, Twitter for companies primarily performs image-building tasks, although it can also become something like your company's online customer service office. This is practiced by many brands, thanks to which customers can easily communicate with them, without the need for, for example, making phone calls. The specificity of Twitter is precisely the ability to easily connect with your customers and maintain them. Twitter also works as a traffic generator for other websites, as we mentioned in one point.