Accident insurance - what does it cover, is it worth buying?

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Vehicle owners are obligated to conclude a third party liability insurance contract, but they can also use voluntary policies. We are talking about autocasco, assistance, but also NNW, which, however, is available not only to vehicle owners. What coverage can you provide if you enter into an accident insurance?

Accident insurance - what is it?

NNW is an abbreviation for the consequences of unfortunate accidents. If you have accident insurance, you will receive a financial benefit when you suffer permanent health impairment as a result of a traffic accident. First of all, however, it should be noted that the protection covers not only events that occurred while driving the vehicle, but also accidents that occurred while getting in and out of the vehicle, stopping or parked, and when the car was repaired on the route. . The subject of insurance coverage is also the death of a pet that was transported in the car specified in the policy. Importantly, the insurance cover not only covers the driver of the vehicle, but also passengers.

The amount of the benefit that you may receive in the event of a covered event depends on the sum insured and the percentage of health detriment. In the event of the insured's death, the persons indicated by him / her will receive 100 percent. the amount of the sum insured. Before you decide on a given accident insurance, check its territorial scope. Does the policy provide protection only in Poland or also in other European countries? And if it includes the countries of the Old Continent, are they really all? Are there no exclusions for selected countries?

When choosing accident insurance, it is worth paying special attention to the sum insured. If it is low, the insurance coverage will be very small at the same time. If the sum is 10 thousand, and the damage to health is assessed at 3%, the injured person will receive a benefit of PLN 300. However, if the sum insured is set at 100,000, the amount paid will be 10 times higher.

NNW - what else is worth knowing?

The advantage of accident insurance is that you can conclude any number of contracts and if an event covered by insurance occurs, you are entitled to compensation under each of the policies. Moreover, if you are injured in a road accident, you will receive compensation from the perpetrator's civil liability insurance, but you can still also get accident benefit.

There are also certain liability exclusions for NNW, which you can read in the general terms and conditions of the insurance. The insurance company will not pay your benefit if:

  • At the time of the accident, the Insured was not wearing a seat belt, as long as it was related to the consequences of an accident.
  • During the accident, there were more people in the vehicle than the maximum number of seats recorded in the registration certificate, provided it was related to the consequences of an accident.
  • The passenger was traveling with the driver who drove the car after drinking alcohol, under the influence of alcohol, after consuming narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or substitutes, unless it did not affect the incident.

If there is a covered event, you should file the claim with the insurance company and, if everything is okay, you will receive your benefit. It is also worth taking into account other voluntary insurance, such as, for example, assistance. A vehicle can stop working for a number of reasons, sometimes an overheated engine is sufficient. Meanwhile, having the right option of such protection, you will get the insurer's help in the event of a breakdown or car accident, and more.

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