Health insurance - a division into voluntary and compulsory


A person covered by ZUS health insurance is entitled to healthcare services aimed at maintaining health and protection against the effects of diseases and treatment. ZUS health insurance can be divided into compulsory and voluntary insurance. Treatment of people covered by health insurance is financed from the contributions for this insurance, which are at the disposal of the National Health Fund (NFZ).

Compulsory health insurance by the Social Insurance Institution

In accordance with the provisions of the Act on health care services financed from public funds, health insurance is required for, inter alia:

  • employees, contractors,
  • people running a business,
  • children, students, pupils,
  • retirees, pensioners
  • the unemployed.

The catalog of people subject to compulsory health insurance is closed. The list of people who are subject to compulsory health insurance can be found in Art. 66 sec. 1 of the Act on healthcare services financed from public funds. The insured person is obliged to report to health insurance those family members who do not have any other entitlement to insurance.

A person subject to compulsory health insurance acquires the right to healthcare services upon enrollment in health insurance.

After reporting to ZUS health insurance, the insured person and their family members are entitled to healthcare benefits. The right to healthcare services shall cease 30 days after the expiry of the insurance obligation. On the other hand, people who graduated from high school or higher education or were removed from the list of pupils or students lose the right to healthcare services after 4 months.

A person who has lost the right to health care benefits due to compulsory health insurance, still wants to use them, may take out voluntary insurance. Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

Voluntary health insurance

A person who does not have a compulsory title to this insurance and resides in the territory of Poland, and has not been registered for insurance as a family member of the insured person, may join the voluntary health insurance. Voluntary health insurance may also cover volunteers.

A person who wants to join the voluntary health insurance must sign an agreement with the National Health Fund for an indefinite period. A person insured voluntarily may terminate the contract at any time by submitting a written resignation to the NHF branch competent for his place of residence. The contract expires when the policyholder obtains compulsory health insurance.

When signing the contract with the National Health Fund, you must provide an identity document and a document confirming the last insurance period, i.e. a certificate of employment, decision to suspend / terminate business activity, etc. A voluntarily insured person is obliged to register family members who are not entitled to such insurance for health insurance. The application of a family member does not result in the necessity to pay an additional premium.

After signing the contract for voluntary health insurance, you must register for voluntary health insurance on the ZUS ZZA form with the insurance title code 24 10 x x. For each month of being covered by health insurance, the insured is required to submit a ZUS DRA settlement declaration. The amount of the voluntary health contribution changes every quarter. Please note that voluntary health insurance will end when you are in arrears continuously for a month.