Parental leave - who can apply for it?


Parental leave is one of the privileges of employees bringing up children. How long can I stay at home with my newborn baby? Who can take advantage of parental rights?

The dimension of parental leave

Parental leave is aimed at developing and deepening the bond between parents and newborn descendants or adopted children.

number of children

Maternity leave

Parental leave after changes


20 weeks

32 weeks


31 weeks

34 weeks


33 weeks

34 weeks


35 weeks

34 weeks

5 and more

37 weeks

34 weeks

The right to take parental leave is due after submitting the application to the employer, not later than 21 days after giving birth. If the mother does not want to take parental leave, she may renounce it in favor of the child's father.

Who can take parental leave?

Parental leave has been introduced to meet the needs of people who want to enlarge their family. Importantly, this leave is available to both the mother and father, hence its name: parental leave.

The leave can be taken immediately after the end of maternity leave, for either 32 or 34 weeks, depending on the number of children born at one birth. If both parents want to take the leave, the total duration of the leave may not exceed the designated period. Parents may take parental leave at the same time. Of course, in this case, its total duration may not exceed 32 or 34 weeks.

Parents can use the parental leave in a maximum of 4 parts, but one of them should fall directly after the maternity leave period. Parents will have time to use it until the end of the calendar year in which the child turns 6 years old. Additionally, 16 weeks of parental leave can be used at a time convenient for parents, which does not fall directly after the previous part of the leave. In the event of the mother's death or her stay in hospital, parental leave may be used by the child's father or another family member.

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Who is the parental leave allowance for?

Of course, a parent is not left without funds during the parental leave. During the period of using this leave, he or she receives a maternity allowance in the amount of 80% of the allowance calculation basis (if the application for parental leave was submitted no later than 21 days after childbirth) or 100% for 6 weeks of parental leave, and for the remainder 60 % (if the application is not submitted on time).

Maternity allowance does not only apply to full-time employees. It is enough to be covered by sickness insurance (compulsorily or voluntarily). Thanks to this, the benefit is available to both persons employed under a mandate contract and self-employed persons after the first full month of paying the premium.

Has the interest in parental leave decreased due to parental leave?

There is no doubt that the introduction of parental leave was a very beneficial and apt idea. Thanks to it, parents can spend much more time with the child and do not have to worry about the deterioration of their economic situation due to the lack of financial benefits. Since the introduction of parental leave, parental leave has not been as popular anymore. One year of paid leave is more than enough for parents. Persons who have secured funds during this period may decide on unpaid childcare leave.