Your e-PIT service available from February 15 - what declarations does it contain?


Service works aimed at providing taxpayers with tax returns for 2020 have been underway for several days. They have been completed and from February 15, 2021, taxpayers can find their settlements made available by the tax office. The information contained therein should be verified for correctness and corrected with possible discounts and deductions.

Your e-PIT service - how to log in?

On February 1, there has been a change and the Your e-PIT service is available on the e-Tax Office website.

Taxpayers can log in to the website using:

  • tax data (PESEL or NIP and the amount of revenues);

  • (trusted profile, e-ID or electronic banking);

  • mObywat (Citizen) - this option will be available soon.

The first two methods may be known to taxpayers from previous years and there were no changes in their use. On the other hand, a novelty planned to be implemented by the Ministry of Finance is access to the Twój e-PIT service via the mObywat application. Its advantage will be the lack of double authorization, which will allow faster login to the website. The Your e-PIT service has been made available to users, however, due to technical problems of the Your e-PIT service, the e-US service is unavailable. Technical problems could be caused by overloading the website.

Your e-PIT service - what declarations does it apply to?

On the Your e-PIT website, there is information that it concerns tax returns, i.e. PIT-36, PIT-37, PIT-38 and PIT-28, however - as in previous years - excluding revenues from business activities and special departments of agricultural production. Taxpayers affected by this provision will not be able to use the automatically completed declarations by the e-Tax Office. In this case, the PIT-28 and PIT-36 declarations should be completed by yourself.

In addition to the Your e-PIT service, on the website of the e-Tax Office you can find:

  • tax micro-account (for payment of VAT, PIT, CIT);

  • list of penalty tickets;

  • e-micro-company (to generate and send SAF-T).