Lost image of the company - how to rebuild it?

Service Business

Everyone makes mistakes. You can't run a business perfectly, there will be a dissatisfied customer from time to time. However, it should be remembered to react to a decrease in the quality of services provided each time. If not addressed, shortcomings can have a negative impact on the company's reputation. How can the lost image of the company be regained?

Recovering your company's image - take all responsibility

If you did make a mistake, don't run away from responsibility. Admit that you are at fault - you will gain in the eyes of the client. Do not cover yourself with circumstances that did not depend on you. You should anticipate and forecast all unfavorable situations that may delay the delivery of goods and thus reduce the quality of services provided. Remember that a dissatisfied consumer will be furious with you. His anger can be reduced if you openly admit he is right - the client will calm down.

Company image - apologize to the client

Remember that good customer relations don't just depend on taking responsibility for the mistakes you've made. You must apologize to your consumers and reassure them that the error in question will never happen again. The client will also wait for compensation. Attach a discount coupon, voucher or a small gift to your order. Certainly, the consumer will be pleased that you care for him. He will inform his friends about it, and you will gain new recipients.

Apologize to the public to improve the company's image

If your mistake has affected many customers, you must apologize to them all. A public admission of guilt will also rebuild your image in the eyes of people who do not use your services but are wondering about it. If they start to perceive you as an honest and reliable partner - get ready for a new group of regular customers.

Be honest in CSR

If so far you have not been interested in CSR issues at all, and in a crisis situation you decide to sponsor a football team, do not be surprised that your clients will not believe you. With your behavior, you must show that you really care about socially responsible activities. Donations, donations and financial support given cannot be treated as a method of regaining your good image.

Be patient to regain your company's image

Don't put pressure on your customers. Rebuilding the company's image is a long-term process. Keep your intentions honest. Seek the favor of your clients. However, don't overdo your actions. If consumers count on getting something for free without a reason - show them that it is not possible. Don't get stretched out, but keep a good relationship at the same time. Be honest.