Beware of fake tax refund emails


Tax offices increasingly communicate with taxpayers via typical short e-mail messages. The Ministry of Finance, however, draws attention to the appearing fake e-mails about tax returns by publishing a message on its website.

MF message - beware of fake e-mails about tax refunds

We warn you against fraudulent e-mails with information about "tax refund". The message does not come from the Ministry of Finance. Do not open either the message or the attachment that contains malicious code.

Below is an example of the content of a fake "tax refund" message:


Dear Client,

After the last calculations of fiscal activity, we determined that you are entitled to a tax refund from PLN 8,995.10. Please apply for a tax refund and allow us 3-5 days to process it.

To access your tax refund, please download and complete the tax refund form attached to this email.

The refund may be delayed for various reasons:

- Invalid records

- Late application

Thank you for using our services,

Ministry of Finance

ul. Swietokrzyska 12

00-916 Warsawa

NIP: 526-025-02-74

REGON: 000002217

Forms of communication with the tax office regarding the tax refund

When is there a tax refund title:

  • surplus of input VAT on purchases over the amount due on sales - the refund is requested on the basis of a declaration,

  • overpayment resulting from the annual PIT tax return - the refund is made on the basis of a declaration submitted to the office,

  • error in settlement with the office - when more than it results from the calculations (possible corrections) has been paid to the office - then the refund is made on the basis of an application for overpayment.

The tax office refunds overpaid tax only on the basis of tax returns or applications submitted by the taxpayer.