Attention! Not every purchase in the e-shop is refundable

Service Business

The Internet is an unlimited source of possibilities. You can use it to contact your loved ones or check tomorrow's weather forecast. By using the Internet, you can shop without leaving your home. More and more users are choosing this form of purchasing goods because it is convenient and easy.

People using the online shopping option feel safe because they know that they can return the purchased item within ten days without giving any reason. This is guaranteed by both Polish and EU regulations. However, there is a group of products that cannot be returned. Before you start shopping online, it is worth finding out if the selected product is among the listed ones and, certainly, it will not be possible to return it to the seller.

You cannot opt ​​out of an online purchase for tickets or passes. The discussed situation applies to all services, which are usually one-off and take place at a specific time. For example, this group includes tickets for a concert or services related to transport or accommodation.


By developing the regulations of their e-shop, the seller can allow the buyer to return all purchased goods. It is a more and more often used marketing practice, which is associated only with the good will of the seller and is not his obligation. The products that, unless the seller decides otherwise, are non-returnable include all media containing audio or visual recordings, media with IT data, computer programs, if the original packaging has been removed. Along with unpacking the carrier, the buyer loses the right to return it. The situation is similar in the case of the press, but in this case, it is not possible to return a magazine or a newspaper at any time.

Purchases related to services or benefits are not refundable, especially if the offer was specified and made in accordance with the individual preferences of the customer. It is similar with the services, the value of which is determined on the basis of the current market situation, and their price may change at any time. By law, the possibility of a refund does not apply to gambling services.

A problematic group of goods are also products that can deteriorate quickly during transport or their nature suggests that they cannot be returned to the seller. The most frequently mentioned products from this group are food, cosmetics, medicines or underwear.

Achieving full satisfaction with the purchases by the buyer also depends on the buyer. Before paying for the selected goods, he should find out whether he will be able to return it if it does not meet the specified requirements. Ignorance of the regulations and not being aware of them does not constitute grounds for annulment of the concluded purchase and sale agreement by the owner of the online store.