Where to invest money - practical examples

Service Business

You start a business, work hard, and finally success - there is financial surplus in the business. This is a good sign, especially if you try to multiply the obtained capital even more. Although the surpluses on the bank account give a sense of security, they do not pay off. That is why it is worth finding out ways to effectively invest money in the company.

What is the best way to invest money?

There are a lot of ways to invest money. Some are less risky others are more. Find out about proven methods to increase your capital.

Saving account

The basic tool for investing company money is a savings account. Its advantage is the simple insertion procedure, sometimes even online. Transfers are made by the account owner himself, although of course you can make a standing order, thanks to which the savings will be systematically multiplied. A savings account gives you the option to withdraw capital when you need to. Its downside, however, is the relatively low interest rate.

However, bank deposits have higher interest rates. You can choose them when you want to invest money over a longer period of time and are not necessarily needed. Depending on the type of deposit, they are long and short-term, and the longer the deposit, the higher the profit - most often -. An interesting option is the so-called location policies, also known as polysolokaty. It is a specific insurance policy concluded with a life or endowment insurance company. After the end of the policy, the funds are deposited together with the premium on the insured person's bank account.

Investment funds

Mutual funds are a good solution for those who want to invest money like professionals, but do not have the necessary education and experience. Fund specialists collect capital from investors and then invest it further. The profits are shared between the owner of the capital and its fund manager.

The downside of funds is that their job is primarily to invest money, not profit or security for clients. Therefore, even when the market declines, the investor will continue to invest funds, which may be a loss for the capital giver.


Bonds are securities issued by specific entities. They are of a debt nature - their issuers undertake to redeem them within a specified period of time and on specific terms. Emissaries may be communes, commune associations, the capital city of Warsaw, banks and entities with legal personality and conducting business activity.

Stock Exchange

If we count on higher profits than from bank deposits or savings accounts, we should be interested in the Stock Exchange. Before investing in this type of investment, the appropriate level of knowledge must be acquired, otherwise we may lose more than we gain. On the stock exchange, we can buy shares of Polish companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange or Treasury bonds. If we want to invest money on the stock exchange, we have to open an investment account with a bank or a brokerage house.

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Real estate

With more capital at your disposal, it is worth getting interested in the real estate market. It is a safe way to invest and allows you to earn steady long-term income. If we do not have the appropriate knowledge and experience in buying real estate, we can use the help of an intermediary. When deciding to buy a property, we can count on an increase in its value at a later date, which will make us sell it at a higher price than we originally paid.


Another way to invest money is currency trading. You can buy them at a bank, traditional or online exchange office. However, this is a method for the patient because we have to wait until the currency is high enough to sell it. Investing in the forex is the solution.

Forex is a global currency market. Experienced investors earn here from both increases and decreases in currency prices. Transactions can only be made online through a special trading account.

What to invest money in? Only in yourself!

An investment in yourself is not a classic investment instrument. It is about allocating the increases for the entrepreneur's self-development - courses, languages, physical and intellectual fitness. It is a tough investment as capital is completely frozen and profits cannot be predicted or quantified. On the other hand, we hear everywhere that knowledge is the greatest human value.Thus, the more we gain it, the more we can transfer to our own company and its further development.

Before deciding what is best to invest your money in, it is worth starting to actively manage your finances. It's best to start your adventure with investments by expanding your knowledge of saving, planning and budget management. You should also be mindful of the risks you take when investing your money. If we do not have too much experience, it is better to choose a safer method at the beginning so as not to lose all your savings right away.