How can the history be deleted from BIK?


More and more often you can meet companies offering BIK cleaning services. Probably many people without much thought can be tempted by such an offer, because, as you know, negative data collected in BIK are sometimes the main reason for refusing to grant a loan or loan by financial institutions. Most bank customers have no idea what their data may end up in such a system.

Can the BIK history be cleared?

Well, this question should be answered unequivocally - no, you can't. Most people at this point will start to wonder why? After all, companies offer to delete my data from BIK ... Well, let's dispel all doubts as to the functioning of these services. Colloquially referred to as BIK cleaning, it is nothing more than a service consisting in submitting by such a "cleaning company" to a bank or SKOK, an application for loan restructuring or an application for deletion of data from BIK. Let us note at this point that the vast majority of requests for removal concern positive data stored in BIK, in other words, data of people who reliably repay loans / loans. In this case, it is not worth deciding on the services of such a company, because positive data may be useful to us, for example, when obtaining another loan.

What data may be in BIK?

They can be:

  • positive information (loans repaid on time),

  • negative information (loans not repaid with delays, i.e. minimum 60 days) concerning all credit accounts maintained by banks and credit unions. These liabilities are usually: loans for the purchase of goods, services and securities, non-purpose and student loans, housing and employee loans, credit sureties, as well as revolving loans, retail card, credit card, debit card and overdraft limit in ROR.

Can I request the removal of my history from BIK?

Yes. Removal of data from BIK at the borrower's request is possible in three cases:

  • the bank's customer shall revoke consent to the processing of his personal data in writing. Such a possibility occurs after the expiry of the credit obligation or after the expiry of the period for which the consent to data processing has been granted,

  • after 5 years of data processing, they are automatically deleted,

  • the data is false or incorrect, entered into the BIK system by mistake.