Remote work - how to earn money without leaving home?

Service Business

Many people live on a daily basis - doing the same activities day after day, they get into a kind of monotony. You can stay for many years in such a duration between full-time work and home work. In addition, there is fatigue with the current state of affairs, no vision of promotion and still the same, insufficient remuneration. Just looking back and wondering what you have done wrong is not the way out, however. Not every person is created to take on a "warm job" with which - on the one hand - there is a small risk of losing a job, but usually there is no prospect of future development. However, some decide at some point to change the way they live and earn money and want to pursue other plans. After all, no one is required to work full-time for life. The solution in such a situation may be remote work. You can find a lot of possibilities in this matter, you just need to look around carefully. Sometimes it is enough to educate yourself in a given field, and then start earning money in your place of residence.

Remote work - ideas for earning money from home

Cottage industry

It is one of the types of work done in the comfort of your own home, also known as homework. Cottage making was popular in the Middle Ages, but many people use it today. Generally, it consists in rendering services on account and on the orders of the publisher, who sometimes supplies the homeworker with the means of production and expects him to produce the finished product. Quite often it is associated with the twisting of pens, but the indicated type of activity is not only about this. Many of the job offers are intermediaries in the sale of products who have their own company.

A home based employment contract should contain, first of all: the indicated type of work, starting date, remuneration rules and the minimum monthly work entrusted to the contractor. It is concluded mainly for the duration of a specific job or for an indefinite period.

The downside of this form of earning money from home, however, is low earnings, and you can often encounter scammers who offer high earnings for e.g. e-mail service. When looking at such offers, you can see that:

  • you have to pay for the first batch of materials,
  • you need to send an SMS to the premium number,
  • the company does not provide its address, but only contacts via e-mail,
  • the company does not provide its tax identification number or KRS number in any message or job offer.

When you see an offer constructed in this way, it is worth being vigilant, because you can fall victim to scammers who earn from initial fees and sales of personal data.


Being a freelancer simply means living as a freelancer who has total power over his personal and professional life. His work goes from job to job, and is to some extent his lifestyle.

This solution is aimed primarily at independent people who have learned the discipline and are highly motivated, who want to work in the comfort of their own four corners. However, such remote work is associated with the constant search for new clients, ensuring the right earnings. Freelancing is the best solution for professions such as: editor, journalist, PR person or people dealing with trade and the IT industry. More and more often you can also come across orders for running a fan page on Facebook.


Teleworking is practically any type of activity performed outside the traditional place of employment. The results of work are communicated to the employer via electronic means of communication, e.g. the Internet, e-mail, landline telephone, mobile phone, fax, videophone. It is also a good way to stay in touch with the employee.

The advantage of this solution is great flexibility in everyday work, which can be easily adapted to private life. On the other hand, the employer thus reduces his costs by as much as 40%, reducing expenses related to the workplace.

Remote work and earning money via the Internet

Nowadays, earning in front of the monitor of your own computer does not have to be difficult. All you need is internet access. Even starting your own website can bring you many benefits.

Affiliate programs

By placing banners, links or business tabs on your site, you can get cash benefits for each click or purchase made through the site. Of course - the more popular it becomes, the greater the chance of a satisfactory earnings.

Paid content

You can also earn money by placing on your website materials available only after paying the appropriate fee (e.g. contract templates).

Cataloging pages

It consists in positioning the website in order to raise its position for a given phrase or key phrases. People who deal with it professionally earn about PLN 10 for making 50 entries.


An innovative solution where the possibility of typing the results is available 24 hours a day. Bets can be made online just before the match starts, and even during the match.

stock market

Investing in the stock market is not an easy way to earn high profits, but having the right knowledge you can really earn a lot. When investing in companies on the stock exchange, shares are bought and sold, expecting an increase in their value.

By making your dreams come true, you can also earn

Nothing is as much fun as making your dreams come true and earning money at the same time. Some of them can be achieved without leaving home.

If you are a specialist in some field, or you are simply very interested in something and you know the topic well, there is nothing to prevent you from writing a book. The work can take the form of a diary - from a trip or one containing one's own business experience. There are many possibilities, and such a solution can bring a lot of satisfaction.

People with artistic talent can sell their handicrafts or make them on commission. The combination of hobbies, skills and income can be a rewarding way of life. Currently, apart from Allegro, there are other portals that offer the possibility of selling your works for a small fee, e.g. the Pakamera service.

The above-mentioned ideas for earning money from home are just a substitute for all available opportunities. When choosing this form of income, you should be guided by your own character, desires and skills. However, it should be remembered that this type of work is not for everyone, because in this case such features as regularity, commitment and the distinction between private and professional life are important. The decision to work from home must therefore be carefully considered.