Holidays with ghosts - haunted places in Poland!

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A lot of people like to be scared. For them, it is an unforgettable kind of emotion. Therefore, they like to watch all horror movies, and the scarier it is - the better. They roam the internet in search of stories about haunted places, watch YouTube videos of exploring such places. There is still a week of vacation left, so this is the best time to go on a ghost holiday. During this time, it is worth going to the scariest places in Poland to feel this atmosphere live!

Holidays with ghosts - the most terrible places in Poland!

For those who love the thrill, a holiday with a ghost is sure to sound very exciting. But what is worth seeing? What places in Poland are considered the most terrible? We advise!

Tenement house at Wilcza Street - Warsaw

At 2/4 Wilcza Street in Warsaw, on the corner, there is a place considered to be one of the most haunted in the capital of our country. An inconspicuous Warsaw tenement house, according to the stories of its inhabitants, hides many secrets. The corner apartment on the first floor, right above the entrance, is probably the most haunted. There are many stories about this.

A student living there, whose soul lives there to this day, allegedly committed suicide in the above-mentioned apartment. The residents saw blood appearing on the floor completely out of nowhere. What else happened in the tenement house? Most often it is talked about a brutal murder - in 1915 a butler killed his employer by stabbing her in the heart. Six years later, a banker was probably murdered in the building. It is also said that the participants of the Corpus Christi procession were killed here. A famous story is that of the immediate wilting of flowers from the altar prepared for Corpus Christi, erected next to the building in later years.

Due to such a bloody history, it is not surprising that the inhabitants have stories of moans, rustles and sounds coming from different parts of the house on the corner. Are you brave enough to check it out for yourself?

Castle in Ogrodzieniec

If you're interested in a ghost holiday, it's hard to miss the castles. It is with them that the most legends and stories about wandering souls are associated with them. One of the most interesting buildings in this respect is certainly the ruins of the castle in Ogrodzieniec. They are beautifully preserved and make an impression. However, not only the appearance is important here. This place has fascinated people who are interested in paranormal phenomena for years.

You can hear a lot about the castle - for example, that animals near it start to behave strangely. They are restless, they start to growl even though they are always calm on a daily basis

Probably each of us knows at least one story based on the appearance of a black dog, whose arrival is heralded by the characteristic sound of chains dragging behind him. You can probably see such a dog in the mentioned castle. The castellan Stanisław Warszycki tortured his subjects, and he is said to repent his atrocities in this way until today.

The castle offers a night tour, which is surely geared to scare the audience and arouse their interest in its history. It is worth taking advantage of such a night tour around the ruins!

Haunted command - Konstancin-Jeziorna

Not only castles hide their secrets. A well-known, haunted place is also a villa on Niedluga Street, which is located in Konstancin-Jeziorna (near Warsaw). Currently, the place is deserted, but previously there was a police station there. Its employees often experienced unusual situations. Their workplace was on the ground floor, and the undeveloped first floor seemed to have paranormal tenants - footsteps, voices, and noises were constantly heard, which the policemen were certainly not making.

However, this is not the only disturbing story that the policemen had to deal with. The story of the commandant who was on duty alone one night because his associates went on a patrol is often repeated. At one point, he had the impression that someone in the room above him had jumped from the windowsill to the floor. As the someone started descending the stairs, the commandant reached for his weapon without thinking. The door began to open, someone pushed the handle and suddenly ... everything went quiet, and there was no one behind the door. Other workers also saw a man in uniform and officer's boots.

Why is the command haunted? In the old days, this villa was the seat of the NKVD and UB. There was an interrogation room in the famous haunted room above the headquarters. Thus, it is assumed that the cause of supernatural phenomena is an officer who repents for his past crimes.

Haunted house in Anin

At Tulipanowa Street in Anin, deep in the forest, there are ruins of a house uninhabited by anyone (or at least no one alive). The house is decaying, but after the tragedy that took place there, no one wanted to live in it.

A happy family lived in the forest - a married couple and their two children. Unfortunately, at some point my father began to fall into debt and drink, which had a significant impact on his mental condition. In a fit of madness, he hung his wife and two children in the basement and ran away. Residents of nearby houses say that the wife and children can still be found in their place of residence. The brave decide to go on night trips. They claim that in this place you can sense someone's presence and hear disturbing noises. Most of them, however, do not want to talk about the history of this house at all.

A ghost holiday can be an interesting option for anyone interested in paranormal phenomena. However, it is worth making sure that the tour is safe - do not enter buildings that may collapse, do not break into someone else's property. Otherwise, the cause of our fear may not be the spirit, but health problems or… a mandate.