Values ​​in the company - is it worth defining them?

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Values ​​are extremely important in the lives of almost all of us. Thanks to them, we more or less consciously guide our behavior, we can choose what is good and what is bad for us, we respond to certain attitudes or behaviors and act in a certain way. They are also important because of the emotions they can trigger in us. Therefore, it is no wonder that more and more entrepreneurs are wondering what the issue of value in the company should look like. Is it worth defining the ones that the whole team should follow? How can I do that? We will try to answer this question in this article.

Company values ​​influence work

More and more people are involved in the entrusted tasks not thanks to material factors, but thanks to good cooperation with other team members. That is why the right atmosphere and teamwork skills are so highly valued today. However, it is difficult to create a really well-cooperating group of people when they are guided by completely different values ​​and look at life in a different way, and thus also at work. A consistent picture of what is good, required, needed and motivating can certainly help the entire team. In addition, it is worth noting that it often happens that only a clear definition of whether it is values ​​at work or in private life helps to find meaning and make life seem more orderly and fuller.

Defining the value system in the company can bring many benefits. Companies that have been following the same principles for many years achieve success in various fields. So why is it worth considering their introduction?

What do the values ​​give in the company?

First of all, it is worth starting with the fact that an employee who is aware of the fact that he works in a company with clearly defined values, with people who follow them, perceives the uniqueness of the company, and thus identifies much more with his workplace. The benefits are obvious, because the better you work in a given place, the better this work brings results, which is a great benefit for the company. Employees are much more involved, and besides, the developed values ​​consequently make the company perfectly represented externally.

Another advantage of defining the value system in the company is certainly the way to stand out from the competition. If the main value in an enterprise is material value, it is difficult to say that there is something extraordinary about it - after all, everyone wants to earn. However, if customers know that the business is not only based on profit, but also on clearly defined and respected values, they will certainly be more willing to use our services.

Such an opinion about the company may also attract the best specialists to work. If we are known in the market not only for good products and services, but also for a great work system, people will want to work with us. Thanks to this, finding real experts in a given field will no longer be difficult!

If the values ​​in the company have a strong position, it is also much easier to deal with crisis situations.

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How to enter values ​​in the company?

The process of introducing value in the company should be gradual. It is hard to imagine the success of such a task when employees are introduced to it literally overnight. It is certainly worthwhile initially to tell them how such a system works and what it can bring to the company, and only then determine what values ​​will dominate in a given company. Thanks to this, each of the team members will understand why the work system will change and see the advantages of this situation. After all, people can react differently to changes because they are simply afraid of them, so it is important to tame and introduce them in some way.

The next step is to choose the values ​​that will work best in our company. You can entrust this task to specific, appropriate people or define it through elections in which all employees will participate.

People who will introduce values ​​in the company must be authentic and make the employees understand the process well. What is important here is commitment and consistency. The task of introducing employees to the values ​​should be done by a person who will not give up halfway. Values ​​do not tolerate half measures, and if the company decides to take this step, it must complete the task.

It is also worth remembering that the values ​​in the company should not be hidden somewhere between one point and the other point of the regulations. Not only employees should know about them, but also all customers who have contact with the company. It is very important to show that the company is driven by values.

What are the most important values ​​in the company?

There is no single correct answer to this question. Each company should adjust the values ​​to its needs and it should not be compared in any way. What is good for one company does not have to work for another. Therefore, it is not worth suggesting anything other than what is important to us.

It may be, among others trust, mutual respect, commitment to the work entrusted, enthusiastic approach, empathy, passion, being open to others, partnership or loyalty, everything depends only on us.

Is it worth defining the values ​​in the company? Certainly! Proper implementation can be the beginning of great success!