Are you in e-business? Break stereotypes!

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Platform or dedicated store?

If you already have an idea for your e-business, it's time to decide. What store - dedicated or on the platform? If the platform, what is it? What functions of the store are necessary and what will be the time for them?

Your online store must be nice and recognizable, have tons of features, a real Porsche among stores. Just a departure - a stereotype.

Unfortunately - I have to disappoint you!

No matter how perfect your store is, you won't sell anything if you don't have traffic - it is the Internet that counts the most.

This situation can be compared to a well-equipped shop located on the main shopping street of the city. The owner equipped him with the best goods, decorated the exhibition, but forgot about the most important thing - he did not open the door to the customers.

The most important features from the technical side are the ones that allow you to increase traffic to your store. However, they do not attract random passers-by, but customers who are at the stage of making a decision to buy your articles.

The most important thing is:

  • did the creators ensure the optimization of the store's pages for search engines (SEO),
  • whether the store has integration with price comparison websites,
  • whether the store has integration with basic auction platforms such as Allegro and e-bay,
  • is it related to the blog where you will conduct content marketing,
  • whether the technology in which the store is written is supported by the most important player, which is Google - it affects the speed of opening the website,
  • whether it has integration with popular social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.

In business, the customer is the most important - you have to be where he is.

The store must also be resistant to increased customer traffic, i.e. stand on an efficient server.

The biggest players are certainly affected, but certainly not you.

It turns out that of all stores operating on the domestic market:

  • about 30% are young companies whose CVs have not exceeded 12 months,
  • about 40% do not handle more than 100 orders per month,
  • over 60% of stores are micro-enterprises.

How much traffic can such stores generate in the first years of existence? None, even if the performance of the Amazon sample cloud, on which the platform is placed, is so great, and the scaling (power allocation) capabilities are so extensive that the problem has become an anachronism.

Remember: In business, the customer is the most important - spend money on marketing, not on functions that you won't use anyway!