Request for payment - pattern with overview


In economic practice, it happens that despite the specified payment date, the debtor does not perform the payment. In such a situation, the contractor is often "reminded" of the payment by phone or e-mail. If this does not work, the creditor has the right to claim his receivables in court. However, before this happens, it is worth, and in the perspective of a possible court case, it is necessary to send the contractor a request for payment. It often turns out that such an attempt to recover the debt in the form of an official letter is successful.

So what should the request for payment contain?

The request for payment should contain elements such as:

  • date and place of preparation,
  • identification of the creditor and debtor,
  • the exact amount of arrears with the number of the invoice (or other document confirming the amount due) and the date when the payment is due,
  • the date by which the debtor should pay the arrears and the form of payment, e.g. cash at the company's cash desk, bank transfer to the indicated account number,
  • signature of the person sending the letter with the name, surname, position held in the company, telephone number or contact e-mail,
  • information about the consequences that the creditor will take if the debtor does not pay the arrears within the specified period (however, it should be remembered here that warnings about the consequences cannot be contrary to applicable law and exaggerated).

Optionally, it can also contain:

  • the value of interest for late repayment, if the creditor has charged them.

In addition, the request for payment should be sent by registered mail, preferably with acknowledgment of receipt. Confirmation of receipt of the above letter by the debtor, in the event of a court case, may be used as evidence.

In the case of applying for payment of receivables, in practice, the principle of "up to three times an art" is often adopted. If the third summons does not result in a response from the debtor, the entrepreneur may take legal action with the debtor, and an active VAT payer may use the so-called bad debt relief.

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