A long journey - how to spend it in an interesting way?

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Vacation, winter break, school trips, long trip ... Such and similar situations often force you to drive for a long time. Regardless of whether we travel by car, coach or plane - the route is exactly the same. How to prepare for a long trip, what to take with you and how to make time pass much faster? We advise!

Convenience - the most important element of a long journey

If you are planning a long trip, it is worth ensuring the greatest possible comfort. First of all, let's take a pillow and a blanket with us. Firstly - it will be much more comfortable for us, secondly - warmer.It can be chilly at night, and drivers often lower the air conditioning temperature to feel as awake as possible. If we are going to sleep through most of the tour, such a duo will definitely come in handy. Not only then, of course, because who doesn't like to cover up with a blanket while reading or listening to music?

Another issue is definitely comfortable outfit. Socks that are not too tight (many hours in a sitting position can make our legs swell), light shoes, clothes that do not restrict movement (e.g. a tracksuit) and a warm sweatshirt - thanks to such elements we will feel good and really at ease.

Hand luggage necessary for a long journey

It is worth having all the necessary things at hand. So let's prepare a hand luggage that will contain what we need. Let's pack documents, wallet, water, something to eat, phone, camera, music player, medicines, basic cosmetics, moisturizing wipes, cream and any other items without which we cannot imagine a long journey. Thanks to this, we will not have to wait for a stop to take something from the suitcase or ask the driver to stop.


If there are planned stops, try to put in your wallet some small coins from the countries you will be passing through. Thanks to this, you will not have a problem with paid toilets and other services that you may care about.

Hours of travel and entertainment

Time flies faster when we do something pleasant. Therefore, let's take a good book or favorite magazines with us. If we cannot read while driving, upload the audiobook to the music player. Time may also take us to a game or a series or a movie if we have a laptop or tablet with us. A few episodes of your favorite series or a funny comedy will surely make time pass quickly.

Ideally, when someone travels with us whom we like and with whom we like to talk. Then we can just talk through most of the long journey. In good company, the hours pass imperceptibly.

Movement on a long journey

Let's not stay in the same position for too long. The circulation will become weaker and weaker, there may even be a risk of thrombosis, and it is also easier for the legs to swell, which is certainly not pleasant. If we have the opportunity, let's stretch every now and then, raise our legs, move them. Even if a stop seems unnecessary to us, let's not stay inside the vehicle, let's go out, take a walk, stretch our bones. Thanks to this, we will certainly feel better. On the plane, however, from time to time, let's just go to the toilet, for example, such a short walk will also give us a lot.

Hours of travel with children

How to keep our kids entertained during a long journey? Let's take with us toys, cartoons, favorite teddy bear. Let's read together, have fun, if the child does not have motion sickness, let's talk about what he sees outside the window. In stores, we can also find board games, which thanks to e.g. magnets are perfect for playing while traveling. If we take the child's attention, the road is sure to go smoothly.