Applying for a pension after reaching retirement age


The right to old-age pension after reaching the retirement age is due by operation of law, however, in order to receive such a benefit, it is necessary to submit relevant documents to ZUS. What does the application for a pension look like? What activities must be completed and what documents should be submitted in order to receive the benefit?

When can I apply for my pension?

Retirement pension is a benefit aimed at providing livelihoods to people who, after reaching the retirement age, i.e .:

  • women - 60 years,
  • men - 65 years,

decided to cease their professional activity. The retirement pension is granted mainly at the request of the person concerned. It will be issued ex officio to a person who collects a disability pension on the day of reaching the age of 60 or 65. Then, he does not have to complete any formalities in connection with the granting of a pension.

Applying for a pension is a right, not an obligation. The right to a universal old-age pension is obtained not earlier than on the day of reaching the retirement age. However, the person applying for this benefit is not obliged to submit the application on the birthday. They can do so up to 30 days before the qualifying conditions for the benefit are met or thereafter.

Applying for a retirement pension - documentation

The most important document in the process of applying for a pension is the EMP application itself. It can be submitted to ZUS in 3 ways, namely:

  • submit to any ZUS unit (in writing or orally for the record),
  • send by post or courier,
  • send via the profile at PUE ZUS,
  • submit through the employer.

If we decide on the first form, it is best to submit the application to the facility appropriate for the place of residence, the application submitted to another unit will be forwarded to it anyway.

The ordinance of the Minister of Labor and Social Policy on the procedure for old-age and disability benefits specifies which documents should be attached to the application.

"§ 10. 1. The interested party submitting the application for a retirement pension or disability pension should attach to the application documents stating:
1) date of birth;
2) periods justifying the right to benefits and their amount;
3) health condition, as well as professional interview prepared by the contribution payer, if the insured remains employed - where the entitlement to the benefit depends on the finding of incapacity for work;
4) the amount of remuneration, income, income and salary, taken to determine the calculation basis for benefits;
5) the circumstances necessary to determine benefits due from foreign insurance institutions, if so stipulated in international agreements to which the Republic of Poland is a party. "

Applying for a pension involves the obligation to submit all documents attached to the application to ZUS in person or by post.

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Reaching retirement age during the employment contract

As a rule, applying for a pension while remaining in the employment relationship will not result in the award of a pension - the rights to the benefit will be granted when the contract with the employer is terminated. Until the end of the employment relationship, the old-age pension is suspended. It will be granted only after submitting an employment certificate to the ZUS branch.

There are no obstacles to resume gainful employment with the same or a different employer after receiving the old-age pension. This is because it will not suspend or reduce the benefit.

Examination of the pension claim by the Social Insurance Institution

The application is examined by the ZUS branch competent for the place of residence of the person concerned or another organizational unit of the establishment designated by the ZUS president. ZUS has 30 days to issue a decision on granting an old-age pension, starting from the date on which the last circumstance necessary for issuing this decision is clarified.