Cooperation with Vloggers - a quick walk on YouTube

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YouTube is effectively replacing the once-most popular blogs. We are more and more willing to use the video format for entertainment and education. See who rules YouTube today!
YouTube has grown at a really crazy pace in recent years. Over 100 Polish channels on YouTube have exceeded the threshold of one million subscribers, new stars and agencies dealing with YouTubers have appeared. Today YouTube is a real business where you can earn really big money. The creators not only undertake numerous collaborations, but also create their own products, eagerly purchased by observers. Check who you should know on YouTube and how to find the perfect person to collaborate with.

Popular formats

Videos with comments are very popular on YouTube. Many well-known channels comment on other artists' films, as well as current political, social and cultural events. Apart from that, vlogs are a format that gained popularity a few years ago. These are short videos that summarize the entire day of YouTuber. He shows fragments of everyday life in them. There are also educational, comedy, talk, beauty, make-up, cooking, fitness videos and many more on YouTube. You can easily find a person who deals with something similar to your industry and is great at what he does!

The greatest YouTubers

One of the most popular Polish YouTubers is Blowek, which has several million viewers and records content related to humor and games. In second place is Stuu, who became famous thanks to the series about the game Minecraft. Currently he is vlogging, recording pranks and challenges. SA Wardęga, the most famous Polish prankster and the first YouTuber to win a million subscriptions in Poland, is in 3rd place in the popularity ranking. ReZigiusz, who, like Stuu, started with a series of films about Minecraft in 4th place. Currently, his videos also deal with other issues. The fifth place in the ranking includes the comedy group Abstrachuje TV, sixth place of Lord Kruszwila, who became famous for films about luxury. Naruciak, who comments on para-documentaries, is in 7th place, Planet of the Facts is on the 8th channel with interesting facts, on the 9th place is the group of 5 ways to go, and on the 10th place is Friz, which also gained popularity thanks to movies about Pokemon Go games.
In addition to the above-mentioned YouTubers, there will be many others who are quite popular. They include: Krzysztof Gonciarz, Paulina Mikuła, Zuzanna Borucka, Ewa Grzelakowska-Kostoglu, Agnieszka Grzelak and many others. Thus, it is worth checking the rankings and also checking other creators, because YouTube will certainly not lack diversity.

How to find a person perfect for cooperation?

In order to find the perfect person to cooperate with, it is worth doing some research beforehand. Get to know the entire story of a given creator, or find out who its recipients are. In addition to reach and statistics, it is important that the selected YouTuber matches the brand or products you want to promote. Thanks to this approach, you will find the right person for you. Collaborating with web developers is really profitable and creative. Youtubeers have many interesting ideas that will help you create a unique promotion. One that will actually be remembered and attract new customers to you.