Everything about Thank You Page - how to keep the customer longer?

Service Business

When running a website, we want users to convert as many as possible. It can take the form of sales, account registration, newsletter subscription or sharing our publications. Regardless of the nature of the action performed on our website, we should try to make the user want to return to it. The user retention process should be started as early as possible. Make the best of the moment that follows the conversion to create an effective Thank You Page.

What is Thank You Page?

Thank You Page is nothing more than a thank you page after the conversion, i.e. the achievement of our goal. Its primary task is to thank you for performing some activity, e.g. purchasing our product. Thank You Page not only gives us the opportunity to express our gratitude, but also a great opportunity to build a customer relationship with our brand. Friendly design and nice words of thanks evoke positive emotions in the customer, which are worth taking advantage of. We can ask the user to like our profile on social media, recommend the page to his friends or subscribe to the newsletter. Another option might be to suggest something more to further influence your relationship. It can be a free guide or a discount granted for the next purchase. Below we can see an example of Punchbowl's Thank You Page. In this case, the thank you is to download the file from their sites. The company decided to focus on promoting their profiles in social media, indicating what the user can gain by engaging in them. Thanks to this, they ensure another channel of communication with the client and increase the chances of re-conversion.



Types of Thank You Page and their application

The thank you page for Thank You Page should be reinforced by suggesting additional actions. You invite the user to take the next step, and in return you offer more options or a special addition, e.g. in the form of a discount coupon. We can distinguish the following types of Thank You Page:

  1. Image - the most common download materials are available here. These activities are supposed to surprise the customer and thus strengthen the company's image. The materials may refer to the purchased product, its specifics or the method of use.

  2. Acquiring lead - we encourage the user to subscribe to the newsletter or create a user account if he made a purchase without registration. Thanks to this, we gain customer loyalty to the brand and increase our mailing base for remarketing.

  3. Referrer - focuses on attracting more users. Encourage the client to recommend the website to friends or boast about the purchase made, offering additional discounts in return.

  4. Summarizing - this type of page summarizes the conversion, providing the most important information about the purchase, e.g. the date of the training, the date of delivery or the time of the screening at the cinema. This way you provide the user with the final information. In this case, it is worth encouraging people to like profiles in social media or a newsletter by proposing a reminder about the upcoming event.

Choosing the type of Thank You Page depends primarily on the specifics of your business. It is worth adjusting it to our activities in order to obtain the best results.

Additional Uses Thank You Page

Since the customer has made a conversion on our website in the form of a purchase or subscribing to the newsletter, it means that he is most likely favorable to us and trusted us. It is worth taking advantage of this because there is a good chance that we can encourage him to take one more step.

We present what additional opportunities that you can use on your website give you Thank You Page:

  • Request an opinion. This will give you a lot of information on the level of customer satisfaction. In addition, the opinions of Internet users are a valuable source of knowledge for other users.

  • Get more information about the client. On the Thank You Page you can place a survey, thus gaining additional data about the customer. You can use them later for user research or creating a personalized offer.

  • Inform about your other activities. If you have a blog or other website that is thematically related and may be of interest to the user, please show it on Thank You Page. Place a link to interesting articles or current promotions.

There are many ways to use Thank You Page. Everything depends on our creativity and the goal we would like to achieve. The most important thing is not to waste the chance to get a loyal customer who can make another conversion on our website.