Excursions with a thrill: the most interesting abandoned places in the world

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Abandoned places are delightful, people want to get to know them, especially when they look exactly like when they stopped teeming with life. Each wall has a story written, more or less mysterious or terrifying. Certainly, however, it must be admitted that the climate of such objects cannot be recreated, so if only you can visit them, it is definitely worth doing!

The scariest abandoned places in the world - Asia

Abandoned places attract, and forgotten amusement parks certainly do. The most famous ones are in Asia - more precisely in Japan and China. One of them at one time was extremely popular and willingly visited, the other one was never finished ...

Nara Dreamland Amusement Park, Japan

Nara Dreamland was created in 1961 and was a fairly accurate representation of Disneyland built a few years earlier, located in California. No wonder that today the abandoned place was teeming with life then. However, in 1983, the first real Disneyland was created in Tokyo, and then the star Nara Dreamland began to fade.

If that was not enough, nearby - Universal Studios was built in the early 21st century in Osaka. As you can guess - two such places in the vicinity meant that people appeared less and less in the older copy of Disneyland. Nara Dreamland finally closed in 2006.

The object is perfectly preserved, a deserted place that was once associated with joy, today it brings reflection and depression. It is protected, and although some people enter it, tourists say it is practically impossible, and security will immediately call the police if anyone goes there illegally.

Nara Dreamland, however, attracts photographers and filmmakers from all over the world - after all, the abandoned amusement park seems like the perfect place to film and photograph. The climate is amazing.

Wonderland, China

Undoubtedly, it is worth mentioning the extremely spooky Wonderland, located in China. It was supposed to be an extraordinary place, the largest amusement park in China, attracting crowds of tourists. In the end, however, it never came into existence, and the abandoned buildings are a cause for concern.

In the middle of the great square, between the fields, there is a castle, almost like from Disney - but the landscape looks more like an apocalypse than a world of fairy tales. Due to the enormous costs and problems resulting from the construction of Wonderland, the owner withdrew from the investment, but some buildings, or rather their skeletons, have already been built and no one has done anything about it.

The facility can be visited, and since the view and atmosphere of this place scares - there are plenty of tourists. As you know, curiosity is often much stronger than fear. Like Nara Dreamland, Wonderland is also eagerly visited by filmmakers and photographers.

Abandoned places of the United States

Abandoned places can be found in every corner of the world. Some of them make a really electrifying impression. This is certainly the case with facilities located in the United States.

North Brother Island, New York

Although it is hard to believe, New York has abandoned places, uninhabited by anyone. In the 1880s, North Brother Island was a place where people with infectious diseases were transported - first smallpox, and later typhus. Separated from the city by water, the place seemed safe.

After World War II, a center for war veterans was organized in this place, which was so separated from the city that it began to constitute a separate area. However, the veterans did not stay on the island for long, they left it in the 1950s, when an addiction treatment center was established there. Until the 1960s, young drug addicts stayed there, but their therapies were ineffective, so the place was closed.

Since then, although the land could be bought, the island has been empty. It is difficult to say whether potential owners are deterred by the history of this place. People who visited North Brother Island say that it makes an amazing impression and the atmosphere is unique.

Lawndale Theater, Chicago

In Chicago, on the other hand, it is worth paying attention to the abandoned building of the Lawndale Theater. It was opened in 1920 and has been in operation for 20 years. It is rumored that at one time he was overseen by gang member Al Capone.

In later years, this building became a church, but this institution did not work here for long, and since the beginning of the 21st century, this theater has been an abandoned, albeit beautiful place.

Michigan Central Station, Detroit

Michigan Central Station is located in Detroit - it is a huge railway station building that was built in 1913. The building has 18 floors, which was really impressive at that time.

The station had better and worse times, at times it was bustling with thousands of passengers, but there were also times when it was going downhill. There were more and more cars on the streets, while fewer and fewer people were using it, it seemed that the station's glory days were over. In the 1970s, it was taken over by Amtrak, a major renovation was carried out, but the number of passengers was decreasing. In 1988, the building became an abandoned place.

It was planned to be demolished, which was strongly opposed by a resident of the city, and the building, now ruined, stands in Detroit to this day.