Thrill tours: haunted places in Poland (part 1)

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The atmosphere of abandoned places is very characteristic, which attracts people who are eager for excitement. Abandoned buildings whose history is shrouded in mystery, haunted houses and forests are a real treat for lovers of paranormal phenomena. It is difficult to determine whether the circulating legends have at least a hint of truth in them, but it is certainly worth exploring the most haunted places in Poland!

Haunted places in Poland - Oleśno

The hospital in Olesno is described by many seekers of paranormal phenomena visiting haunted places as the scariest abandoned building. The inhabitants of the city are also fearful, as they have heard a lot of chilling stories about him. Why is it haunted in the former hospital? There are several explanations.

It is certainly worth emphasizing that there has never been a psychiatric hospital in the building, which can be read in many sources. So why is it considered a haunted place? It is said that it was built in a former cemetery, which meant that various, inexplicable phenomena took place there - various objects fell or moved spontaneously, one could also hear an unidentified sound of footsteps. Another theory is that all unexplainable phenomena resulted from the many deaths that took place in this hospital. In those days, children with tuberculosis were sent there, and they often did not survive the disease. There was even a supposition that young people were sent there to their certain death.

The city authorities deny that there was an ulterior motive for leaving the hospital in the late 1990s. They simply claim that the patients have been moved to the new building. However, many people do not believe this explanation and claim that the hospital was abandoned in a hurry, so for many years the rooms were almost fully equipped. It is puzzling, especially as many people take scrap metal from abandoned places that are not guarded by anyone, hoping to earn an easy income. Apparently people, however, are afraid to take anything from there.

The homeless, who set up a night shelter in this place, claim that they found nurses' records in the building, which confirm that the unexplained phenomena took place at the end of the 1950s. One of them says that he spent the night in a room where his then teenage brother died years earlier. Something had woken him up several times, pulling the blanket off him. Eventually, the homeless man felt a strong pressure and the impression that someone had sat on him, so he escaped from this room and never returned to it.

The facility was bought by a company that wants to create offices and a hotel there. The chapel was handed over to the parish.

Can the police station become a haunted place?

Paranormal phenomena have no pattern. Admittedly, if he says he is visiting haunted places, we usually see an old, huge, abandoned building, mostly in a remote area. In fact, however, it is worth realizing that the place of this kind of anomaly can also be a newly built house, hospital, bank ...

There is an old villa in Konstancin-Jeziorna near Warsaw, on Nied Long Street. At one time, the police had their headquarters there, and the officers witnessed many unexplained situations. The policemen were on the ground floor, while the first floor was undeveloped. Nevertheless, one had the impression that life was flourishing there. More than once they heard footsteps and other disturbing sounds.

The haunted police station stands empty today, but the stories that happened there are still being passed on today. One of the most famous is the situation that befell the commander. He was on night duty, his associates went as patron, so he was alone in the building. In the middle of the night, he heard a strange noise above the room he was in. It was like the sound you would make if you jumped off the windowsill. Then someone started descending the stairs and approaching the duty room where the policeman was stationed. Without thinking, he grasped the gun when he noticed the door swing open and someone was pushing the doorknob. A moment later, all sounds stopped. The commandant noticed with horror that no one was at the door.

Apparently, a man in a uniform and officer's boots also appeared at the police station. Probably this villa once housed the headquarters of the NKVD and the UB, and interrogations were carried out in the room that gave the policemen so many impressions after many years. Thus, it is said that the aforementioned apparition is a former officer who committed numerous crimes and repented of his guilt on earth.

Haunted places aren't always real

This story was really loud. Many people still remember this event and consider the disappearance of 9 students. In 2001, they went on a trip to the forest in Witkowice and simply dissolved into thin air. Their friends got involved in the search because, they claimed, the police were reluctant to help. The mysterious disappearance made the Witkowice forest hailed as the most terrible place in Poland!

Unfortunately, everything indicates that the story is made up, because it was created shortly after the premiere of the popular horror movie Blair Witch Project. It is impossible not to notice the strong connections between the disappearance of students and the plot of the film. Besides, this story has no evidence whatsoever, the inhabitants have no idea about it, so most likely nothing unusual is happening in the forest.

However, this does not change the fact that due to the invented history, the forest began to arouse fear in people, and a walk through it may be an interesting experience. It's worth feeling this hint of emotion. Perhaps there is nothing unusual about this place, but how can you be so sure?

Polish haunted houses

It is impossible not to mention the haunted houses. After all, they are the subject of many horror and ghost stories. Thrill-seekers make entire lists of places worth visiting. There will be two items on each of them.

The first is the house at ul. Kosocicka in Krakow. There are many legends about him. One of them says that the house was erected on a plot of land, where previously there was a cemetery (hence the nearby chapel), where victims of the cholera epidemic were buried; another, that the house was built by two brothers, and during the work one of them killed the other who never left the place. People who visited this place say that they felt unusual energy, which significantly worsens their well-being. Probably the building was also supposed to be a base for the workers working on the construction of the highway, but they could not stay there even for one night.

For many years, the building was a real ruin, but currently it is being dismantled. However, it will definitely be remembered by paranormal lovers, as it is definitely one of the most popular haunted places in Poland.

Another house worth mentioning is certainly the villa at ul. Morskie Oko in Warsaw. It is called the villa of Chowańczak, from the surname of its first owner - Arpad Chowańczak, the fur king. Legend has it that in this place you can hear a child's cry, and on the balcony you can see a ghost of a woman dressed in white. It is probably Hanka, a girl who fell in love with one of the insurgents during the Warsaw Uprising. While she was picking flowers for him next to the villa, she was shot. She was wearing a nightgown. It is believed that she stayed in this place forever.

Already in the 21st century, two fires took place during the renovation of the house. While experts say they exploded as a result of ongoing work, those interested in paranormal phenomena say it is the deceased residents of the villa who defend them from the new owners.

Can the stories of haunted places be true? It is difficult to specifically answer this question because we are not 100% sure that they were invented from start to finish. There is, after all, a grain of truth in many rumors. Certainly, however, trips to such places will be an amazing experience and will be remembered for a long time. The atmosphere of such places cannot be described in words, so if fear is not an obstacle and you are attracted to secrets - such tours are definitely for you. Remember, however, that your safety is of the utmost importance, especially when you want to enter a ruined building. Make sure you can do this.