Replacement of payment terminals - will the Polish Order enforce such a necessity?


The government announced that as part of the Polish Deal, they will enable the tax office to control card payments thanks to the integration of the cash register with the payment terminal. However, there are doubts - will the owned terminals meet the criteria for their integration with cash registers? We checked whether the replacement of payment terminals would be necessary!

Integration of the cash register with the terminal and the exchange of payment terminals

From July 1, 2022, entrepreneurs accepting card payments will be obliged - pursuant to Art. 19a paragraph. of the Entrepreneurs' Law Act - to integrate a cash register with a payment terminal, which is to guarantee the connection of the cash register with the Central Repository of Cash registers. seller.

Will the replacement of payment terminals be a new expense for entrepreneurs?

Integration of online cash registers with a payment terminal is possible because they have the FROB protocol, which is a necessary condition for this type of devices. Does this requirement also apply to payment terminals? As it turns out - yes. The problem therefore arises for entrepreneurs who have a payment terminal without the FROB protocol uploaded, who will not be able to have it.

Devices not adapted to the new legal regulations will make the replacement of payment terminals for these entrepreneurs inevitable.

As a rule, entrepreneurs enter into long-term contracts with terminal suppliers, often impossible to terminate, as cancellation could expose them to additional unnecessary costs. Therefore, it can expose sellers to extra-program costs - not only in terms of the purchase of a new device, but also regulating, for example, penalties for termination of the contract in relation to the terminal they already have.

When will the rules come into force?

The legislator provides for the implementation of the obligation to integrate a cash register with a payment terminal from July 1, 2022. It is worth bearing in mind that, according to the assumptions, failure to meet the obligation to integrate the cash register with the terminal may be subject to a fine of PLN 5,000.