Minimum wage adjustment by the employer


The main duty of an entrepreneur concluding employment contracts is to pay salaries to employees. The amount of remuneration depends on both parties of the employment relationship. It must be remembered that it cannot be lower than the level specified by law. What if it was misspelled? Do you then have to make a minimum wage adjustment?

Minimum salary for work

Remuneration for work is one of the basic benefits that an employee is entitled to under an employment relationship. When determining its height, it is necessary to take into account:

  • type of activities performed,
  • qualifications required for the position,
  • quantity and quality of workload.

In other words, the employee's salary should be adequate to his knowledge, experience, but also to the requirements of his / her superior.

The law clearly defines the minimum acceptable level of remuneration. The amount of the minimum wage is announced in the Official Journal of the Republic of Poland, "Monitor Polski", by way of an announcement by the Prime Minister by September 15 of each year. In 2021, the minimum remuneration for work should not be lower than PLN 2,800. From 2017, the reduced rate of remuneration cannot be applied to persons in the first year of employment. The salary of such an employee should not be lower than that of other persons employed under a contract of employment.

Minimum wage for part-time work

Part-time employment also looks a bit different. Here, the employee does not have to receive PLN 2,800. Part-time wages may be on a pro-rata basis.

Example 1.

Mr. Maciej is employed on a quarter of the time. The employment contract includes a minimum wage calculated in proportion to the working time. This means that Mr. Maciej cannot receive less than PLN 700. Start a free 30-day trial period with no strings attached!

Minimum wage compensation and disease

It is known that an employee who provides the employer with a sick leave confirming incapacity for work will receive an appropriately reduced remuneration, as it is reduced by 1/30 for each day of illness. If there is a minimum wage in the contract and its level will be lower due to L4, does this mean that the employer will be compensated for the minimum wage? Not! The regulations do not impose such an obligation in this case, as the amount of remuneration resulting from the reduction corresponds to the guaranteed level.

Adjustment of the minimum wage due to job failure

If the remuneration in a given month does not reach the minimum level, the employer must adjust it. The remuneration should be understood as all components and not only the basic salary. The minimum wage adjustment must be provided to the employee together with the wages for the following month. If the employee does not work the working time specified in a given month for reasons attributable to the employer, the employer is also obliged to adjust the minimum wage.

Example 2.

The employer forgets to order parts for machine building, so employees have no way of constructing these machines. As a result, a downtime was ordered at the workplace as the employees were unable to perform their duties. In this situation, employees will not work the full part of the month, but because:

  • the downtime was caused by the fault of the employer,
  • the downtime was not caused by employees,
  • employees were ready to perform their duties,

the employer should pay them a downtime remuneration of 60% for this time. However, the salary for this month cannot be lower than the minimum wage.

Commencement and termination of work during the month and compensation of the minimum wage

If you start working during the month, the minimum wage adjustment does not apply. Then the employee should receive a salary only for the time in which he actually worked - there is no obstacle for it being lower than the minimum wage.