Stand out with the quality of customer service in e-commerce

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The e-commerce market is growing, but not every company selling online can boast high conversion rates. There are many factors that can lead to a loss of customer or failure to complete a purchase, even if everything is technically okay. Therefore, when we can no longer complain about the lack of mobile technology and have all possible types of payments - we will look at the quality of customer service in e-commerce

E-commerce - transaction care and security

The most effective advertisement is a satisfied customer who has been professionally served in the store and knows that everything went as it should. A satisfied customer is also the one who, despite failures such as damage to the product in transport, the need for warranty repair, still maintains a good opinion about the company. Thus, it would be wrong to say that only hassle-free transactions are the value of an online store. Why is this happening? Because the customer, who buys on the Internet, buys not only the product - he also buys everything that is around. Good service, comfort of shopping, convenient payment and delivery terms and many other factors. It is important to properly service the customer, as well as understand that he needs advice, care and confidence that shopping in our store is not a risk of losing time and money.

Customer suggestions - an important element of running an online store

It's worth listening to what your customers have to say. Telephones, e-mails, forms on the website - all this gives you the opportunity to talk and contact a potential customer directly. If a consumer is bothering to write, he may have something important to say. In return, he expects empathy - that the brand will become a human being and provide the necessary information. By entering into a dialogue with the client, we have the opportunity to investigate the reasons for his dissatisfaction - and thus eliminate factors that are problematic. Knowledge about customers is invaluable, and by being in open contact, we can control our image on the Internet. Even if it happens that a customer is dissatisfied and describes it on Facebook, we will already know how to solve his problem. Let's stay in touch with customers and we'll be the first to know about everything.

Speed ​​of service in e-commerce

Nobody likes to wait, so let's not force our clients to make time-consuming attempts to contact us via the constantly busy hotline. In addition to the launch of additional lines, a good option to discharge telephone traffic is the so-called live chat. It allows you to start a dialogue with the client, even before he writes to us first. We will be able to guide him efficiently through all the complexities on the website and get to know his concerns at an early stage of the visit to the store. This gives us an expression of care and builds the image of a company that actually approaches customer service in e-commerce professionally.

The second problem when it comes to the speed of customer service is the response time to e-mail questions and from the form on the website. Time is of the essence here - the sooner the better. However, the reason for dissatisfaction does not always lie directly in whether we write back in an hour or in 4 hours. The lack of information is more uncertain - when the client can expect contact from our side. If, due to the nature of the business, we cannot provide an immediate response, it is worth informing the client about when he can expect the message. This is always some kind of feedback that will calm down a person planning to buy in an e-store.

Remember that the customer of an online store is also each of us. If we do not know what to do in a crisis situation, let us put ourselves in the client's shoes. Let's ask ourselves basic questions - what would we be happy with and what would irritate us. Let's treat the client fairly and keep them informed about any difficulties. The most common problem is the lack of contact, and yet no one likes to feel neglected by the store staff.