Image search on Google Graphics and effective e-commerce sales

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In the era of ubiquitous internet, more and more people decide to shop online. The speed of order fulfillment, the availability of products and often a much lower price are just one of the many criteria that determine the advantage of virtual shopping over the traditional form. The owners of online stores should be aware that the attractiveness of the product is evidenced not only by the low price or attractive description. An important issue is also the presence on the first pages of Google Graphics, because image search is a more and more common practice of Internet users. So what to do to make our product the first in image search results?

Online shopping vs. stationary purchases

The study by Gemius "E-commerce in Poland 2017" shows that more than half of Internet users shop online. The group of consumers is diverse. It includes both women (53%) and men (47%), thus representing representatives of different age groups with different income levels. As it turns out, the most common purchases are made via e-commerce:

- clothing,

- additives,

- accessories,

- books,

- plates.

According to the report, as many as 70% of respondents have purchased these products in the past. Users of e-commerce websites also declare that on the Internet, apart from shopping, they often simply search and compare product prices.

As many as 82% of respondents in the survey confirmed that the factor that drives them the most to shop online is the availability of products around the clock. Convenience is another incentive to make virtual purchases. This concept means no need to go to the store (77%) and unlimited time to find the right product (76%).

What is image search?

According to the principle of buying with eyes, owners of online stores should sell ... with pictures! One of the methods of searching for a product on the Internet is Google Graphics. This type of solution is most often used by people who know what they would like to buy, but have no idea where to find it. Therefore, good uncle Google comes to the rescue, who will indicate all items of this type based on the entered phrase. Searching with an image is also possible when you have a photo of the item and put it in the search engine's cockpit.

In each of these methods, the user will be shown a full list of photos of the previously indicated item. After clicking on one of them, Google will indicate additional six similar ones. The most important, however, is the "Visit website" button, which will redirect the Internet user to a given subpage of a specific product with the shopping cart option.

It is also worth remembering that during the search, Google also indicates those records whose sale or auction has ended. In this case, the search engine will automatically suggest other similar pages that have active sales.

Image search and SEO optimization

Why was Google the first to identify a platform that has not been selling the indicated item for a long time? The first reason could possibly be the sheer power of the site. However, there are several other important aspects that influence Google Graphics row positioning:

  1. The name of the file should contain the key phrase, be sufficiently short and written with hyphens without Polish characters.

  2. Keep the alt attribute brief and to the point of describing what the image represents. Remember that alt descriptions should be neutral and diverse, e.g. a hanging giraffe lamp, a large giraffe lamp, etc.

  3. Use files in .jpg or .png format, the value of which does not exceed 150 kB.

  4. Save photos in themed folders by category. This will ensure that the product link is correct.

  5. Do not forget about the text in the very surroundings of the photo, which will contextually refer to what has been presented in the photo.

What to do to stand out?

  • Take care of unique content - Good quality photos are essential. If possible, create your own photo database, instead of using the producer's content. In order for them to be of really high quality, it is worth enlisting the help of a professional photographer. As a result, they will be properly illuminated, which will translate into the correct reflection of colors and proper presentation of the details of the product.

  • Create a photo gallery - One photo is definitely not enough. For each product, create a database of shots in which the product is presented from every perspective. In addition, take care of the shots with the possibility of zooming, thanks to which you will be able to see every part of it or the texture of the material / material. Such a base is especially useful when the product is available in several color versions.

  • Present the arrangement of the product - Useful especially for stores in the interior and garden industry. Presenting the lamp against the background of the entire room will be much more attractive to the recipient than the product photo itself. In addition, this form of presentation will better reflect the dimensions of the product and the way it works.

Remember that Google Graphics also serves as a tool for finding interior design inspiration. An arrangement photo in the currently fashionable trend will increase the chance of interest in your product and will direct you to your store's website. For this purpose, it is worth using visualization. Photorealistic photos will fully reflect the character of the interior in a raw loft atmosphere or a warm English style.

Image search - summary

It cannot be denied that the best meta descriptions will not tell the buyer which result will be the most relevant for him. In the era of a huge amount of content flooding the Internet, the image is processed first. So it is logical that no product will attract the attention of the recipient if it is not visually attractive to him. Consequently, no one will want to go to our website and find out the details, even if the price is much more attractive than the competition. The rows of results in Google Graphics are therefore modern store shelves, and the conditions of presence in the best place should be well known to every e-commerce owner.