YouTube - meet Polish internet stars

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YouTube has become one of the most popular websites. When he started in 2005, no one could predict his future. Today it is known that it is a platform visited by millions of people around the world. Many people have earned a lot of money thanks to YouTube. Meet the Polish stars of this website.

YouTube - personal branding not only for famous personalities

Until recently, people present in public life took care of their online image. We are talking about actors, celebrities, singers or politicians. The group of these people grew significantly year by year and at some point social media forced them to take care of their own reputation.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube - these platforms are the place for many people in the online world. We are no longer anonymous, we share our personal data on social networks, photos presenting our everyday life and we boast about our successes. It all affects our image and how others perceive us. Also companies that want to reach a wider group of customers use a personal branding strategy. Using such methods, they build their image of an expert and thus gain greater trust of Internet users. What used to be only an addition to our work, today has become its tool.

We may encounter an unusual situation when, during an interview, we are asked about spheres of life that we did not mention in our CV or cover letter. We are surprised, and sometimes even embarrassed, because what we wanted to hide from our potential employer has seen the light of day. Often, the person who recruits us looks for information about us on the web. As we already know perfectly well, it does not have to be very much. All you have to do is enter your first and last name in the Google search engine, and then you will receive a whole range of interesting data. Therefore, a positive first impression must be especially taken care of before we even meet our future employer. The same applies to companies that care about continuous development and increasing the number of their potential customers.

Before we choose the brand whose services we want to use, we look for information about it that will give us a more accurate picture of its activities. Building your own brand on the web is primarily influenced by:

  • publications of achievements,

  • showing your competences,

  • our cooperation with other companies in the same or related industry.

In the era of the Internet, where social media is developing rapidly, our presence on portals plays an important role. A good example is YouTube, which has been used by many famous people to make a big career.

SA Wardęga and his spider dog

On YouTube, Sylwester Wardęga published a clip called Mutant Giant Spider Dog, about which the most influential portals on the Internet wrote about it within a few days. So far, it has been played over 161 million times. Wardęga has other videos on his account that have an equally impressive number of views. The spider dog "made a career" not only in Poland. Information about him spread all over the world and even reached American news portals. This is where the creativity of the author himself worked, who created a fictional character fooling people. The movies are funny, surprising and provide viewers with a large dose of entertainment. Some argue that Wardęga has resorted to unethical behavior. So why so much popularity and sympathy for the main character of the clip?

Abstrachuje, a cabaret on YouTube

They already have over 2.1 million fans and their number is constantly growing. They have gained many fans who are waiting for the next episode of their fun show. Some even wear their t-shirts and will do anything for another gadget with their images or logos. A group of boys deal with more or less known stereotypes. They parody everyone, know no boundaries and break all barriers. The lack of YouTube censorship in their videos meant that the show would certainly not have had a chance to make a TV career, so they found another way to gain popularity. Their success was certainly influenced by their personal charm, which is reflected in the number of female fans. Czarek, Robert and Rafał win the hearts of girls from all over Poland, and a sense of humor only increases their popularity.

Maciej Frączyk - Undiscovered Critic

Once again, it was humor that won. Maciej Frączyk criticizes everything that he deems worth assessing, but not "ordinary", sometimes boring, but with a slight grain of salt. It shows the world in a slightly crooked mirror. His trademark is black-rimmed glasses, without which his fans will surely not see him. Everyone has a different sense of humor, so not everyone needs to understand its message. However, everyone will agree that Frączyk is a real personality who cannot be denied intelligence and great creativity. The Undiscovered Critic, however, goes beyond the limits of YouTube. He has published his book and hosts a broadcast on Radio Zet. You can see that personal branding is in his blood.

AdBuster tests and advertises

All manufacturers of virtually all types of products tremble at Mark Hoffmann. Nothing escapes his notice. On YouTube, AdBuster tests various products and makes a fun show. Not sure if the toothpaste you chose will actually improve the condition of your gums? Or maybe you are wondering if the new powder washes so well? Find AdBuster on YouTube and you will surely get an answer to your question. What's more, all the videos are recorded with an amateur camera, so it doesn't take a lot of money to create something that will take you to the heights. Hoffmann, when showing the operation of the product, behaves as if he were advertising it, with the only difference that he shows the truth and does not idealize a product that has nothing to do with what we hear about on TV or read on billboards.

Remigiusz Maciaszek - specialist in books and games

It is a perfect example of how to promote yourself on the web, thus creating an image of an expert. Remigiusz Maciaszek expresses his opinion on games and books in his YouTube program. As in the case of AdBuster, the films are not recorded in a professional studio, but at home. The images, however, are perfectly assembled, which also affects the quality of their viewing. Maciaszek also writes excellent columns, which are highly appreciated and read willingly, and news about them spreads very quickly.

YouTube - talk show on 20m2

Łukasz Jakóbiak graduated in journalism and began activities, however different from those undertaken by colleagues in the industry, because he had his own original idea. He set up a TV studio in his small apartment. He invites the greatest celebrities to his studio and conducts interviews with them. His program on YouTube has an impressive number of views and is appreciated not only by the Internet users themselves, but also by the guests he invites.