What difficulties does a beginner freelancer have to face?

Service Business

When deciding to start our own business, we do not really know what we will face. A beginner freelancer has to deal with many problems - from how to price his work, through formalities, i.e. what type of contract to sign, to refining his offer so that it is attractive to clients. What is the transition to your own? What tips should you know when you start your own business? We suggest in the article.

Portfolio and website with the offer

A beginner freelancer has one of the most important tasks at the beginning, it is a well-polished website and the offer and portfolio posted on it. Potential principals often make an assessment first and then a selection based on these elements. An aesthetic website, up-to-date and refined portfolio, as well as a transparent offer are often the first form of contact with customers and thus constitute a virtual showcase of a freelancer.

Beginner freelancer - how should he evaluate his work

In particular, he may have a problem with the valuation of his skills and responding to competitive offers. Also at the beginning of their adventure with their own business, entrepreneurs often underestimate the value of their work and regret it later. Large amounts of work and many hours spent on the project during implementation often have nothing to do with the amount of remuneration. Of course, there are exceptions when, despite the low financial outlays at the client's disposal, it is worth undertaking such a project, because it is so interesting that it is good to have it in your portfolio. Money is important, but not the most important.

Signing contracts

Regardless of how well we get along with someone when determining the terms of cooperation and no matter what relationships bind us, it is always worth remembering about signing contracts for the services provided. It is a security for both parties, which clearly defines, inter alia, scope of cooperation and remuneration.

Use a ready-made contract for specific work → Contract for specific work - template with discussion

Collecting feedback

After the project is completed or during its implementation, it is worth asking others for feedback, which can shed a completely new light. Often times, a beginner freelancer is so focused on his vision of the end result that he may not pay attention to many nuances, which in turn may be noticed by a person from the side who is not involved in the creation process. It is a layman's test that allows you to assess someone from the side, not related to the project, but who may notice some shortcomings in the course or the final version of the implementation.

Private life vs. Professional life

Especially in the case of freelancers, whose nature of work is flexible and most often done from home, as part of remote work, it is extremely difficult to separate work and private life. This fine line is often blurred and the working time is extended to several hours. You can probably do that for a while, but not in the long run. Nobody will be able to be efficient in the job they do, almost without leaving it. In order to maintain moderation in the number of hours worked, it is necessary to impose some work organization and prioritize tasks, and then it may turn out that some of them can really wait.

Planning and prioritization of tasks

Running your own business requires very good organization of work and self-discipline. There is no one to tell us when and how to complete the tasks - the freelancer is the boss for himself. Hence, it is so important to properly plan tasks - from the most important to the less important. The Eisenhower matrix, in which we group all tasks into 4 quadrants defining the importance and priority of each project, can be helpful in the organization of work.