For All Saints, you are entitled to a day off


This year, All Saints' Day falls on Saturday. As it is a public holiday, you are entitled to an extra day off instead. This issue is regulated by the Labor Code.

Art. 130 of the Labor Code
"§ 2. Each holiday occurring in the reference period and falling on a day other than Sunday reduces the working time by 8 hours."

This provision is the basis for an additional day off. In 2014, such a situation already took place on May 3 - this holiday also fell on Saturday.

All Saints Day Off - When?

A non-working day should be designated until the end of the reference period in which the holiday fell. It can both precede and follow a holiday. It should be remembered that the employer decides when there will be an additional day off. He does not have to arrange this date with the employees. Of course, this does not mean that employees themselves cannot take the initiative and propose when they would like to pick up a day off.

One additional day off for all employees?

The employer does not have to indicate one additional day off for all employees, and therefore does not close the enterprise for the whole day. Employees can get this day individually, on different dates.

Granting an additional day off for a Saturday holiday is the responsibility of the employer. Employees do not have to apply for a day off.

Who is not affected by the extra day off?

If the company's schedule of five working days also includes Saturdays, the granting of an additional day off will depend on whether the employees exceed their working hours in a given settlement period or not. If so, the employer will also have to grant an additional day off to those employees who work on Saturday. Weekend employees are not entitled to a day off.

If the employer does not fulfill his statutory obligation, he will have to pay the employees overtime pay for the Saturday holiday.