Toys influencing the development of the youngest children

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The play accompanies the baby from the cradle. Properly managed, it brings him many benefits and is the basic factor of his development. Even if our little one is under three years old, you can give him educational toys and invent games to stimulate his cognitive skills. What games will best influence its development?

Interactive toys for children up to 12 months old

I hold, shake, press, arrange, call and learn a lot at the same time. For toddlers who are under one year old, interactive toys will work just as well as any kind of blocks or dolls. A child can use active blocks from the age of 6 months. They are not only an educational toy, but also provide a lot of entertainment for little ones. The blocks can be combined, stacked, and made towers. The dice, on the other hand, often contain buttons in the shape of musical instruments that emit a melody when pressed, and some of them glow when struck. In addition, the child will find a mirror or rotating wheels on them.

Do you have a little musician at home? She will definitely be happy to use a children's piano or a trumpet! For future geniuses - a mascot that will teach numbers and letters, and for fans of four wheels - a fire truck with a million colorful buttons. Interactive toys often have rustling, convex or smooth elements that develop the child's dexterity. Other advantages can be enumerated for hours - from the impact on the positive development of hearing and sight, to cause-and-effect perception and teaching correct responses to external stimuli. We can provide children with a good time through learning, so it is worth investing more money in one interactive toy instead of the twentieth soft toy.

Interactive toys for children aged 12-24 months

What will be the best choice for a baby who is 12 months old? It is worth providing your child with toys that will facilitate social interactions, will further support proper reactions and affect his senses. Therefore, special attention should be paid to toys that will support the toddler's manual skills. Therefore, those that consist in matching the appropriate block to the shape of the hole in, for example, a car, will work. Let's look for toys that stimulate the child's imagination and strengthen his motor coordination. All kinds of musical instruments will give your toddler a lot of fun - e.g. interactive tambourines, cymbals, pianos or guitars. They shine, play a melody and most of all - they play and develop our child!

Toys for children over two years of age

Toys influencing motor development will be important for our two-year-old. We can buy a toddler building blocks, boards with sliding elements, wooden puzzles or throwing balls of various sizes. At this age, the influence on the development and stimulation of the child's imagination is also important - for this purpose, the child can play with household utensils and appliances, dress dolls, furnish doll houses or browse through books with stiff pages.

Interactive toys are also a great idea for stimulating the musical abilities of our toddler, so we can pay attention to tape recorders with a recording function, flutes or cymbals. And how to influence the behavior and social development of a two-year-old? You can offer your child to play with kitchen appliances, all kinds of sets to play the cook or mechanic, or buy a baby's favorite doll, a stroller or a cot.