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The corners of your mouth cracked? This is an inflammation called seizures. Small blisters that are filled with serous fluid may appear at the site of the cracks. When they start to burst after some time, they release the said fluid, creating an erosion. The corners of the mouth hurt, we cannot smile, laugh, eat, and in addition, the appearance of this part of the face means that we do not want to leave the house at all. It is worth counteracting such inflammation, because ignoring them can lead to scarring, and it will be preceded by a long and painful process for our lips. Where do chews come from, is herpes the same and how to fight inflammation?

Zajady - where do they come from?

Some people develop tears very often, others hardly ever. Where does this dependency come from? What are the causes of inflammation, which causes the corners of the mouth to crack?

One of the causes of seizures are vitamin deficiencies, especially B vitamins, and iron. Insufficient vitamin B2 in the body can contribute most to this inflammation because it keeps the mucous membranes working properly. So when there is little, the corners of the mouth can crack. What could be the reason for the shortage? Poor diet, taking antibiotics, diarrhea or taking contraceptives for a long time. Iron deficiency, in turn, can lead to anemia, one of the symptoms of which is precisely seizures.

Antibiotic treatment may also be the cause of inflammation. During its duration, bacteria in the digestive tract are fought - unfortunately, not only the harmful ones. Therefore, if we do not accept the covers, there is no synthesis of vitamins. It is for this reason that a vitamin B2 deficiency may occur.

They can also be a symptom of type 1 diabetes. They also occur in people suffering from anemia (as already mentioned, due to iron deficiency) and in the case of low immunity.

Of course, we can contribute to the formation of seizures ourselves, for example by improper and inaccurate care of the oral cavity. Remember that caring for it is not only brushing the teeth, but also the tongue and caring for the gums. In addition, let's also pay attention to the toothbrush. We should not use it for more than 3 months. It is also important to wash it thoroughly after use. If we skip these steps, we run the risk of introducing fungi and bacteria into our mouths.

Do not lick your lips, and if you feel dry, use petroleum jelly or a protective lipstick. Otherwise, we will lead to the formation of microorganisms and yeasts. It is very close to inflammation from there.

They can also be caused by nickel in cutlery. Allergy promotes inflammation. How to check if it concerns us? Let's try to use cutlery from a different material or, for some time, from plastic, disposable equivalents.

Sore and herpes

Cold sores and chews are sometimes confused, but it's important to know that it's not the same thing. We already know what lesions are, so let's take a closer look at herpes. First, before small blisters with serous fluid appear on the border of the mouth and skin, the skin itches and burns. The blisters dry quickly to a scab or erosion that can hurt. Cold sores are caused by the HSV1 or HSV2 virus and heal much faster than gastroenteritis. In contrast, it has virtually no scar tissue left over, which can happen when cracked mouth corners are not properly treated.

How to fight against chews?

Proper preparation is very important in the treatment of seizures. It is not enough to apply the preparation to the corners of the mouth, it is also worth fighting the causes, thanks to which we will prevent recurrence of inflammation.

So let's start with our eating habits. Many of us start our day with coffee and it is not the last coffee of the day. If we are going to get rid of chews, it is worth limiting the amount of this drink. Remember that although it is tasty and gives us energy, it also helps to flush out vitamins from the body. We should also eliminate sweets from the diet, which can cause an accumulation of microbes that cause chewing. Avoid eating spicy foods as well. They will irritate our lips and cracked corners, so they certainly won't make treatment easier.

When we modify our habits a bit, we can start specific treatment of the seizures. First, let's remind you that vitamin B2 deficiency is a frequent cause of inflammation. So we can put a mixture of cream and vitamin B2 tablets on the cracked corner.


Although the mixture of cream and vitamin B2 tablets is an effective way to get rid of cheilitis, we must remember that such medicine will stain our skin yellow. Therefore, it is best to use this preparation at night or in situations when we stay at home all day.


Topical application of the ointment is a good way, but it is worth remembering that vitamin deficiency in the body can cause inflammation to recur. So let's try to enrich our diet with vitamins, especially C and B vitamins (mainly B2).


Vitamin C is found i.a. in fruits such as kiwi, cranberry, citrus, forest fruit, pineapple and vegetables such as spinach, tomatoes, parsley.

We can find vitamin B2, among others in eggs, liver, millet or dairy products.


Honey, which has an anti-inflammatory effect, can also be applied to cracked corners. If you mix it with cod liver oil, it is perfect as a medicine for chewing.

Another way is to cut the aloe vera leaf and smear the side with the juice on it. For some people, a fresh cucumber wrap may also help.

Yeast is also helpful in treatment, which should be mixed with a little water and applied to the crack. Yeast is rich in B vitamins, which is why it is perfect for such a case.

Some people put toothpaste on their teeth, which speeds up healing and dries them out.

Treatment of seizures is sometimes long-lasting. Remember not to tear off the scabs under any circumstances, not to scratch the inflamed area and try not to touch it at all. If, after using home remedies, nothing changes, and tears appear frequently, it is worth going to a specialist and investigating the cause of this state of affairs.

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