Seating in a company car

Service Business

Owning a car by entrepreneurs is now the order of the day, and using it in business activities makes it much easier to deal with everyday matters. The essence of the proper order of seating in a company vehicle consists mainly in treating with respect the transported persons with a higher social status (in a specific organization or in everyday life). In particular, when these people are contractors or business partners with whom the entrepreneur has investment plans, it is worth ensuring that the basic principles of savoir-vivre are observed.

Seats in a company car - a precedent

The rules of precedence will certainly be helpful in establishing the hierarchy, i.e. establishing the correct order of greeting and introducing people while maintaining order in terms of mutual relations - in this case - official and business relations. The term "precedence" comes from Latin, meaning first place, priority, primacy.

Establishing the order should begin with formulating the keys according to which the rules of priority will be determined - that is, who should sit first, second and next. They can be selected depending on the situation, but with regard to places in the car, it is worth using the priority key in accordance with the rules of etiquette. Among the existing ones, the following can be distinguished:

  • seniority key - that is, setting priority based on the age of the gathered people - the older person should take a place more important than the younger one. However, it is worth remembering that this concept does not only refer to the age of people, but also to the experience and duration of employment in the position.

  • gender key - where female has priority over male. This principle is in line with the norms of social etiquette, but when it comes to business contacts, gender should not matter.

  • key according to the positions held - that is, establishing the rules of priority based on the positions held by individual people in the group. As a rule, occupying a higher position in the hierarchy of the organization entitles to priority over subordinates.

Who sits anywhere in the company car

The formation of the car seat hierarchy will depend on many factors, including who will be driving the vehicle and who will be traveling. As a general rule, in the event that all travelers know the driver, the most important person to the right of the driver will be seated. The second place is diagonally from the driver - on the rear right side of the vehicle. Another one is the seat behind the driver's seat.

It will be different when the person driving the car is foreign to other travelers. Then the most important place is diagonally for the driver, because it provides an easy conversation with the driver and the convenience of getting in from the sidewalk. Interestingly, when using a taxi, many people take this place without realizing that they have unwittingly applied the rules of precedence. The subsequent places in the hierarchy are also different than in the first case. The second most important seat is behind the driver, the third is in the center of the rear bench, and the last - the least attractive - next to the driver in front.

Therefore, as can be seen from the above considerations, taking a seat in a company car is not the same in every situation, and depends mainly on the knowledge of the traveling people with the vehicle driver. It is also worth remembering that if a guest enters the car, you should open the car door for him and then close it behind him.