The ban on working on Sundays will not be lifted

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For several months now, a debate has been going on in Poland on the ban on Sunday trading. There are as many supporters as there are opponents, so it is difficult to find agreement on this matter. The last government meeting clearly indicates that there will be no ban on Sunday trading. What factors influenced this decision? First of all, there is a fear of reducing the number of jobs, and thus dismissing employees. Tradition must therefore give way to economics.

The ban on working on Sundays will not be lifted

The government's opinion after the last meeting was strongly against the changes to the Labor Code. The idea of ​​limiting sales on Sunday came from MPs from the ruling coalition of the PO and PSL, as well as from the opposition parties SP and PiS. The main arguments in favor of introducing a trade ban related to the Polish tradition - Sunday is a day of rest and should be devoted entirely to holidays that can be devoted to family and loved ones. The government, however, strongly opposed such an attitude - restricting trade on Sundays could have serious consequences for the economy, which would translate into a loss of over 11,000. jobs per year.

The government leaves no doubt

The government added that the restrictions contained in Art. 151 point 9a of the Labor Code - "Work on public holidays in retail outlets is not allowed". This solution is a compromise as it makes it possible to obtain a day off on Sunday for certain occupations. However, you cannot go further by forbidding work on Sundays, for example, traders or employees working in wholesalers, delivery companies or transport companies - work on Sundays should be allowed, especially in those professions that are important due to high social utility and everyday human needs. .